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Why You Should Choose Notifier Systems

Many people running large commercial businesses and health or social care settings choose to use a Notifier Fire Alarm system over other makes for good reason.

Notifier Systems by Honeywell is the result of many decades of fire alarm design testing and experience. Honeywell, especially, has been at the forefront of fire protection for well over one hundred years and have been responsible for the development of today’s designs for cutting-edge atmospheric sensing and fire detection systems.

Notifier’s innovative product engineers have managed to create an all-encompassing approach with their development of reliable and effective smoke and fire detection, notification and fire emergency management systems.

Notifier Fire Alarm Systems

The state-of-the-art Notifier Control Panel delivers workplace fire officers or designated fire safety staff with advanced smoke sensing technology that alerts them to danger and enables them to act quickly in response to a fire emergency.

The Notifier Control Panel was designed to be fully integrated with a range of peripheral detection devices and fire safety accessories to provide the highest level of security, protection and peace of mind.

A great advantage of using a Notifier system is that it can be adapted to fit the needs of any building it is set up to protect. From high rise office blocks to single-story care homes or manufacturing plants, Notifier systems can be adapted to fit inside any specific building size and layout, or used in an industrial setting to effectively handle any fire emergency.

Flexibility and adaptability

Another advantage that Notifier systems have over more generic fire alarm systems is its ability to integrate with a different range of detection accessories to suit the working environment the system is fitted into.

Different businesses and settings will have different fire risks associated with them. For example, a care home looking after elderly residents may have a higher risk of a fire breakout because there will be a higher level of soft furnishings present such as furniture, curtains, carpets, bedding and pillows etc.

Using fire-retardant fabrics in these settings will help to reduce the spread of fire but the risks of residents being exposed to smoke and fire will be greater than a more clinical setting such as a hospital with no carpets or curtains present posing a fire risk.

This is why choosing a Notifier system is a good choice for a care home setting as the system can be integrated with more smoke detector and heat sensor accessories to help mitigate risks to their residents.

On the other hand, a factory setting may pose a higher risk of dangerous gas emissions or chemical fires that will react very differently to a fire in a care home setting.

The Notifier system will detect and respond accordingly to the danger present no matter what the setting or working environment, sending the appropriate signals to a central command point for immediate action.

Immediate evacuation

With the aid of the many Notifier system functionalities, you can trigger an immediate evacuation with helpful visual and audio directions, while at the same time sending an alert to the fire service to send out an appliance and fire crew.

With wireless functionality, your Notifier system can be monitored and operated from most locations, so you don’t need to put your life at risk by being on the premises during a fire emergency to be able to control your fire safety system.

Notifier System peripherals and accessories

With major hospitals, large manufacturing plants, schools, universities, care homes, large retail and office block developments needing the most advanced fire protection systems in place to ensure early alert, safe evacuation and instant response from the fire service, it is no wonder the Notifier System is the leading fire protection system of choice in the UK today.

Notifier Systems paired up with their peripherals and accessories are ideal for managing sprawling hospitals and university campus setting that will need potentially hundreds of independent smoke detection devices and fire alarms.

The Notifier system comes with a whole range of peripherals and accessories that include fire detection equipment, gas detection devices, remote annunciators, touch-screen graphical interface monitors and linked control panels to provide immediate response in any fire emergency.

How TF Installations can help

With over 60 years of experience, TF Installations offer unrivalled specialist knowledge working with Notifier systems. Our team can supply and fit a comprehensive range of Notifier fire safety products to deliver a fully tailored fire detection and alarm control solution that perfectly fits your needs.

Our Notifier Systems include everything from smoke detection and notification, non-addressable fire alarm panels, analogue addressable systems, to advanced network and integration packages.

We are committed to ensuring that all Notifier detection and notification systems remain in full working order after installation. This is why we recommend arranging a regular ongoing testing and maintenance schedule with us where one of our highly trained and fully accredited technicians will ensure that your equipment stays ready and operational in case of an emergency.

As a registered Notifier Installer, our operations are accredited to ISO 9001 and our products are designed and manufactured to meet every major international approval, including LPCB, VdS, UL, ULC and BOSEC/ ANPI.

By partnering with Notifier, you have the reassurance of working with a company of global standing that provides cutting edge fire detection systems. Do not hesitate to contact our friendly team at TF Installations to discuss your project or building fire safety needs.