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Why You Need To Overhaul Your Fire Alarm When You Move Business Premises

As a business owner, you must have a working fire protection system on your business premises to prevent fatalities and injuries during a fire emergency.

Fire outbreaks are a constant worry for many business owners as they can damage your property and claim valuable tools, machinery and equipment necessary for the success of your business.

Many business fires can start off small but can quickly get out of hand, especially if they happen when your premises is unoccupied. Most fire emergencies occur at night or at the weekend when no one is around to deal with the situation and contain it before it can take hold.

Even fires that are dealt with early can cause a lot of smoke damage, resulting in your business premises, machinery and electronic equipment becoming unusable.

Appropriate fire alarm installations

To give your building occupants a chance to evacuate while there is still time to escape before a fire can take hold, you must have a working fire alarm that is appropriate for the type of business you run.

While having a working fire alarm in place is essential to help with your building evacuation, an early alert will help to save your business from thousands of pounds worth of fire damage. Installing a high-quality, modern fire alarm system on your business premises is well worth the expense.

TF Installations are here to help you with our years of knowledge and experience. If you are moving into new business premises and you have never been responsible for your company fire safety before, it can be a daunting responsibility to have on your shoulders.

Fire risk assessment

Our team can help by conducting a fire risk assessment on your premises. We will consider factors such as the building layout, the type of business you run, the age and state of the electrical wiring, and the sort of machinery, tools, equipment and materials your company uses.

Fire Risk Assessments are an essential element of your business fire prevention strategy because you may have specific areas on your premises that are more at risk of fire and can act as fire ignition points than others.

Once you have a fire risk assessment completed, we will be able to advise you about the type of fire protection you will need to be installed on your premises. This includes the best kind of fire alarm, smoke and particle sensors, and other protective equipment you should have, such as fire blankets, extinguishers etc.

Fire alarm planning and installation

Our team at TF Installations offers a complete end-to-end service. This includes fire risk assessment, fire alarm planning, installation and ongoing fire alarm servicing and maintenance.

By law, industrial and commercial business premises need to be fitted with an early warning fire detection system. However, the legislation behind this law can be a little confusing, especially for new business owners that don’t understand what factors need to be considered.

Many small and medium-sized businesses don’t have the available budget to employ a full-time Fire Prevention Officer, so they need to rely on a third-party specialist company, such as TF Installations, to ensure they have the proper fire protection in place.

With our help, you can have a proper fire alarm planned, installed, maintained, reviewed and tested at least twice per year by our professional team to ensure that your legal fire safety compliance duties are met.

Replacing an obsolete fire protection system

One of the biggest challenges of moving into new business premises is inheriting the previous owner’s fire protection system. It is all too common to inherit a fire alarm that is too old to be brought up to date.

Many older fire alarm systems are no longer compliant with modern fire protection legislation. You may find that old components have been damaged or worn out, and replacement parts are no longer in production.

There are also structural issues to consider. You may be moving into a building that wasn’t designed for your type of business operation. Many older buildings may also need to have electrical wiring and power sockets replaced as they won’t support the modern demands placed upon them.

In this case, a significant overhaul of your building’s electrical wiring, fire alarm system and emergency lighting will be needed. Our team of TF Installations can help you with all of this!

LED lighting installation

If you are moving business premises, you may also be inheriting the previous owner’s sub-standard emergency lighting that is unsuitable for your needs.

Good workplace lighting is essential for the health and well-being of your staff, plus installing LED lighting can save your company a lot of money over the coming years.

It is essential that you provide adequate light in the workplace that allows your staff to perform their jobs safely and efficiently. High-quality LED lighting is even better when jobs that involve precision is needed.

LED lighting also has excellent glare control, which is essential to prevent eye strain, headaches and fatigue in your staff. This type of lighting has lasting positive effects in the workplace, so while you are getting our team at TF Installations to upgrade your fire alarm, why not get us to upgrade your lighting too!

Contact our friendly team at TF Installations today to discuss your needs. We are here to help!