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Why Notifier Systems Offer Peace of Mind

Notifier commissioners offers advanced and sophisticated fire detection systems that range from single conventional products through to multi-panel intelligent systems that are networked across the business locations.  Their products are one of the top sellers in their industry and why TF Installations decided to offer them to our customers.  But how do these systems offer peace of mind?

Life protection

At the heart of their products, Notifier Commissioners have one main aim – life protection. Their systems are a key part of alerting building occupants to potential dangers and ensuring they act quickly to protect themselves.  But they also know that needs of different businesses vary greatly and that’s why their state of the art systems can be personalised to the needs of the business. This also offers cost-effectiveness because there are no extra elements involved apart from what the business requires.

Quality installation

Notifier only works with a select few installers around the UK including TF Installations and this means you get a high-quality installation once your business specific needs have been assessed.  Installers have top product knowledge and can help you get the right system for the business while keeping costs to a minimum.  Included in that is the ID2net (Intelligent Digital Delivery Network) is a stand out feature of the system that has set new standards for the speed and reliability of fire detection across the world.


Another reason to consider this system over others is that it monitors its own performance and can adapt to changes in the building. Notifier uses an intelligent fire detection approach that uses stable, fault-tolerant systems to ensure the building is always protected and reducing the chance of false alarms.  The system can easily be applied to single unit shops through to huge, multi-room office or university premises because it can expand as required.

For more information about Notifier Commissioners and the link TF Installations have with them, get in touch today.