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Why Choose a NOTIFIER Fire Alarm System for your South East Business Premises?

NOTIFIER™️ by Honeywell is the result of decades of research and development in commercial fire protection systems. Honeywell has become the leading name in atmospheric sensing and fire detection systems. It is no wonder they are the number one choice for UK business owners.

Apart from their outstanding performance and reliability, NOTIFIER systems offer an excellent level of flexibility and can be adapted to suit the most complex building layouts. 

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to commercial fire protection, which is why Honeywell’s design and engineering team made it their mission to deliver a fire protection system that can handle the challenges of an evolving workplace.

Whether your company operates in a sector that handles flammable chemicals, oils and materials, or your staff and building visitors face different fire risks, your NOTIFIER system will detect and respond accordingly, relaying the appropriate audio and visual alerts to your building occupants while simultaneously notifying the emergency services.

Suitable for multi-floored premises

NOTIFIER systems are particularly useful when your business premises is built over many floors or occupy larger buildings where staff may be spread out or working in isolation.

Even if your staff work in a high-noise level environment and need to wear ear defenders or use other noise-cancelling safety equipment, NOTIFIER systems have the solution to ensure an instant response to fire emergencies and the safe evacuation of all building occupants.

Your fire safety system can incorporate the right fire detection equipment, heat and particle sensors, remote annunciators, and more to help you monitor and control risks in your workspaces within a system-wide protection system.

NOTIFIER offers a wide range of fire protection equipment from simple smoke, heat and particle detectors and fire alarms suitable for small business premises to very sophisticated cutting-edge fire detection systems for large, multi-floored premises using networked multi-panel control systems.

What is also reassuring about choosing a NOTIFIER system is that when you work with TF Installations, you will know that you are getting an approved installer of NOTIFIER systems.

What is an approved installer?

Honeywell NOTIFIER systems only use appointed installers that are qualified to plan and install their systems. This is another reason why NOTIFIER systems are used by UK businesses, corporations, schools, hospitals, care homes and the hospitality sector.

With so much responsibility for the safety of a building and its occupants, it makes sense to appoint a professional electrical installation company that is approved installers for the world’s leading commercial fire protection system manufacturer.

NOTIFIER systems by Honeywell operate a list of trusted installers worldwide, and TF Installations are one of only four organisations in the UK that can install and maintain both NOTIFIER and Gent products.

We have been a Notifier systems installation partner for many years, so we should be your first port of call for your cutting-edge fire protection system. By working with TF Installations, you will have great peace of mind that your fire protection system will deliver years of outstanding service.

Is a Notifier system right for you?

As a business owner, you are required by law to have a fully operational, well-maintained fire protection system. Honeywell’s Notifier systems are accredited to ISO 9001, and carry worldwide approvals such as LPCB, Vds, UL, ULC and BOSEC/ANPI. 

For any commercial business based in the UK, there could be no better choice to fulfil your fire safety obligations and give you great peace of mind that the safety of your staff and other visitors to your premises is in good hands.

Even if you only run a small business with a handful of staff, don’t be put off considering a Notifier system, thinking they are only for huge commercial companies. Because these systems are so flexible and adaptable, you can choose the perfect level of fire protection to meet your individual requirements.

Suppose you are moving business premises and must have your fire protection system checked and assessed for suitability. In that case, our team at TF Installations can conduct a fire risk assessment for your business and inspect and test any existing fire protection systems you are inheriting as part of your relocation.

We can also plan, install and maintain a brand new Notifier fire protection system for you if your existing system is obsolete and beyond repair. Depending on the type of business your run, you may need a simple set-up in a low-risk working environment or a more complex set-up that includes multiple call points, sounders, beacons, smoke, heat and particle sensors.

Hard-wired and wireless Notifier systems

The type of business you run and the layout of your building will influence your fire protection needs. Depending on your needs, we can plan and install both hard-wired and wireless Notifier systems.

For example, a wireless system is an ideal choice if you operate your business from a listed building where you are not allowed to drill into the walls or alter the structure of your premises. A wireless Notifier system can also work out more cost-effective if your business operates across broad, sprawling premises where running cabling around the building can add to your costs. 

Wireless Notifier systems are also a good choice if you plan to relocate to larger premises as your business grows and expands. A wireless system can be easily removed and taken to your following premises. 

You can add additional protection to your wireless system to cover extra rooms or workspaces you adopt, so your Notifier system will grow and adapt with you. 

Why choose TF Installations?

TF Installations are commercial electrical installation specialists with many years of experience under our collective belts. We cover London and the South East of England, and our client list includes many leading organisations and commercial operations.

We will work with you every step of the way, from an initial fire risk assessment through the planning and layout stage to the final installation and ongoing maintenance of your Notifier system.

Contact us today to discuss your need. We are happy to offer advice and answer any commercial fire safety questions you have.