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Westgate Care Homes

Westgate Care Homes: The Westgate Healthcare Group was established in 1993 and currently comprises 7 care homes in London, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. They offer an array of services including residential, nursing and intermediate care. It is our primary focus within these homes to make sure that fire safety is of the highest quality, using our extensive knowledge of the working care home environment to address the key requirements needed to maintain and service these facilities, resolving all issues and offering a 24-hour on-call service.

T F Installations Ltd initially tested each pre-existing fire alarm and emergency lighting installation, replacing and upgrading any equipment where needed. The fire panel and all fire detectors and emergency lighting were fully tested and the work was completed on schedule to allow for minimum disruption to the home.

The fire detection for all sites is supplied by Notifier by Honeywell, an extremely reliable and well-known global brand, ensuring that only the most superior parts were used.

T F Installations Ltd looks forward to working with Westgate Care Homes as they expand and develop and we are committed to maintaining the safety of staff and patients at all times.