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Updating your Manufacturing Plant Fire Detection with Notifier Systems

For any manufacturer that produces or handles highly energetic materials, such as propellants, explosives and pyrotechnics, or anything that has a high level of stored chemical elements, it is critically important that you keep your fire safety system up to date with the latest cutting-edge technologies.

Your manufacturing company needs to be able to deal quickly with fire events that can endanger the lives of your employees and cause irreparable damage to your property. Fire safety systems that you have in place should be able to respond in milliseconds when materials catch fire, especially when you are handling materials with such a rapid explosive burn rate.

It is essential that your plant managers and fire safety officers routinely check and test your fire safety system, but also make sure to upgrade it to the very best quality replacement solution offered by Notifier Systems before it no longer becomes fit for purpose.

Early flame, heat and smoke detection

In such high-risk manufacturing settings, the need for an ultra-high-speed response from your fire safety system is critical where lives are at stake. Your plant will need a fire response system that can detect a flame during its incipient stage before it has a chance to expand and spread.

Alerting your fire responders as early as possible through a Notifier System will give them a chance to safely evacuate the building while at the same time control the fire and extinguish the flame before any serious damage can be done.

Even if your company manufactures products with non-energetic ingredients, you may still handle highly flammable materials during production that can easily ignite if not protected from the spread of flames. Should any of these materials catch fire, much damage can be done to your manufacturing line machinery and essential tools within your building.

The resulting downtime from an uncontrolled fire can not only cost your business a lot of money to replace your tools and machinery, but it will severely impact on your productivity levels and ability to meet your contract order deadlines.

While you may think your existing fire protection system is adequate to meet your needs, if your system has older components that can fail, replacement parts may not be available any longer or could prove challenging to get hold of if in short supply.

Notifier Systems by Honeywell

Over the past 40 years, UK fire safety standards have evolved to be far more stringent than they once were, especially when covering commercial and industrial settings where employees are put at risk in unsafe working environments.

Notifier Systems have been at the forefront of effective and trusted fire safety protection equipment for more than 60 years. Notifier is world leaders in providing top quality systems and support to their users across the world.

Notifier has gone on to develop a diverse product range that includes fire alarm systems, accessory equipment for the fire industry, security systems, microprocessor-controlled programmable panels, and more. The company has reached a leading position in the worldwide manufacture and supply of fire alarm control panels, peripheral devices, access control systems and building monitoring systems.

The Notifier manufacturing facility in the USA has met certification under International Organization Standards (ISO 9001) quality control program for design and production. This is why you can trust the Notifier System brand for when you are considering a brand-new, replacement or upgraded fire safety system for your manufacturing plant.

TF Installations trust Notifier Systems

By partnering with Notifier, TF Installations have teamed up with a fire safety company with a global standing for their cutting-edge, innovative fire detection systems. Our team of highly experienced electrical engineers admire Notifier’s commitment to excellence, which means that we can deliver total customer satisfaction when we commission and install Notifier Systems within commercial and industrial business settings.

You need to be a company of very high repute to be a partner Honeywell Notifier commissioner and installation company. This means that TF Installations are lucky enough to be considered worthy to be able to commission and install Notifier Systems to help protect lives and businesses.

The Honeywell Notifier range includes:

  • Emergency lighting systems
  • Extinguishant panels
  • Fire and flame detection equipment
  • Fire graphics systems
  • High sensitivity smoke detectors
  • OSID open area protection
  • Paging systems
  • Public address speakers
  • Videofied security

 Comprehensive fire safety risk assessment

TF Installations understand that your business needs the right type of fire protection system to suit your particular industry sector and the types of materials you use in your production processes.

It is also important to make sure you have the right fire safety system design in place to protect your whole building, no matter how intricate or complicated the layout. This is why we do a thorough fire safety risk inspection of your business premises to evaluate the risks posed to life and your property before designing a plan for your Notifier fire safety system.

We understand that in business you cannot put a value on the lives of your employees or your essential business assets. However, TF Installations can save you a lot of money with our very cost-effective business risk assessment, design and installation plans.

We can even be retained after installation to keep your Notifier System running smoothly with our service and maintenance plans. No matter what stage of your fire safety system implementation you are at, our expert team at TF Installations are here to help you. Contact us today to discuss your needs.