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UK Accredited Notifier Companies

Notifier is one of the largest fire alarm system manufacturers in the world. The Notifier brand by Honeywell offer engineered fire alarm systems through only 500 official distributors across the world.

TF Installations are proud to be one of the UK’s very few accredited Notifier companies.

The Notifier company originated in the US and have been in operation for over 60 years designing and producing innovative fire alarm systems, including conventional and intelligent fire alarm control panels, fire alarm networks, fire and security integration systems, mass notification systems, and fire alarm accessories.

This is a very well respected and highly trusted brand that is being used by many different facilities that depend on the reliability of their fire alarm systems within very large settings such as hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, educational campuses and military bases, as well as within the industrial sector to offer protection to staff working in industrial manufacturing plants.

Comprehensive range of fire system solutions

Notifier Companies, like TF Installations, offer a flexible service where we can survey your property, recommend, supply and fit a complete plan of fire alarm solutions and peripheral devices from the Notifier range.

Depending on your needs, we can supply and fit the fire safety equipment that is most suitable for your premises, including:

  •         Analogue Addressable Systems
  •         Aspirating Systems
  •         Conventional Fire Detection Systems
  •         Emergency Assistance Systems
  •         EVACS (Emergency Voice Communication Systems)
  •         Graphical Packages
  •         Network and integration packages
  •         Non-addressable fire alarm panels
  •         Radio Fire Detection Systems
  •         Smoke detection and notification equipment
  •         Voice Alarm Systems

We will install and connect all fire safety devices to interface with your Notifier control panel for ease of control and operation.

The importance of having a working fire protection system

You have a duty of care to protect your staff and visitor from the risks of injury or death from a fire emergency on your property.

Installing and maintaining an automatic fire detection and alarm system will play a fundamental role in protecting your staff, customers and visitors as well as your valuable business assets that are most important to the success of your company.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to your business fire safety system. Each building is unique so will hold different challenges when it comes to meeting your fire safety obligations.

Notifier fire safety systems offer a very flexible solution to ensure that your business premises is secure, no matter what size or age of the structure or layout. No matter what your business involves, we will be able to work with you to design and install the very best fire safety system possible.

It also doesn’t matter whether your business is housed in a modern industrial building, an historic building with a preservation order, an old factory building or a tall office block, with Notifier you will be sure that there will be a tried and tested solution that has been used in a similar environment that will work for you to protect the people and assets that are most valuable to you.

Reliability, endurance and cost-effective service

Most business owners are usually only concerned with the initial costs of a new fire alarm system installation. However, you also need to take into consideration the lifetime cost of ownership for your system.

This will include long-term maintenance, regular system testing and the possibility of needing to make changes to your fire safety system should you need to build an extension or re-purpose the inner workings and layout of your existing building.

As a business evolves it will need to make changes that can affect the stability and reliability of your installed fire alarm system. This can mean significant costs should you choose a system design that doesn’t offer any flexibility to adapt to your changes.

By working with TF Installations and choosing a Notifier system, you will be getting a fire safety solution with built-in flexibility and the ability for backward compatibility.

This means that no matter what new changes, extensions or additions you need to make to your fire safety network, you will not have to tear down the system and start again from scratch.

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By working with us you will feel rest assured that you are in the safe hands of a highly-trusted and competent company with the knowledge and expertise needed to ensure you get the very highest of fire protection that perfectly suits your needs. You can meet our team here!

Don’t forget that TF Installations will also offer lifetime care for your fire safety system with our fully comprehensive ongoing fire alarm maintenance service.

We can take care of all repairs, servicing and genuine replacement parts needed to keep your fire safety system working to optimal levels of performance and functionality.

Do not hesitate to contact our friendly team to discuss your needs. We are happy to offer our advice and answer any questions you may have about upgrading your existing system or the commissioning of a brand new Notifier fire safety system.