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Top 7 Benefits To CCTV Installation For Your Business

When you are in business, there is a lot to do and  you can’t always be on hand to physically watch over your stock. Shoplifting is a problem for any type of business with products and even service based businesses can have concerns about people breaking into the premises to steal sensitive information.  While there is no way to guarantee the bad stuff won’t happen, the use of CCTV cameras can help – and that’s just one of the benefits of having CCTV installation.

Discourage theft

Top of the list of reasons to have a CCTV system in place is always to discourage theft.  With their visible presence and the use of signs warning of their operation, CCTV cameras have been known to put off many shoplifters because the risk is too great.  Combining visible and hidden cameras is another tactic that can discourage theft because they have no idea where all of the cameras are located.

Prosecute thieves

Should you be unfortunate enough to be one of the 40% of wholesale and retail businesses that report a shoplifting incident to the police, CCTV cameras can supply valuable information about the crime.  In fact, CCTV cameras are often the first place the police go to see what happened and are often instrumental in prosecuting thieves.  And the more people that are prosecuted for their crimes, the more others will be put off – your business will have a reputation as too high risk for them.

Monitor the premises

It would be nice to think that you can trust 100% of all your employees but occasionally there can be incidents.  The presence of CCTV cameras can help reduce the risk of these and also allow you some degree of monitoring.  You do need to see about where you can and can’t put CCTV cameras as working with commercial electricians is the best way to ensure you have them correctly located.

Learn about your customers

There is a growing range of products available that use the information from CCTV cameras and other devices to give information about your customers.  This isn’t intrusive or sensitive information but simple things like which areas of the shop they visit and which they don’t as well as general demographic information.  This is invaluable to learn more about your customers, what they do within the shop and what they don’t do.

Help with admin jobs

CCTV can even add extra benefits such as helping with admin jobs.  Someone forgot to clock on and can’t remember what time they started work?  You can check the camera at the entrance and this will show you when they came in.  The same applies to leaving work.

Better staff rotas

Planning staff rotas has always been something done on experience and gut instinct but using information from CCTV cameras through specialist software, you can have a more data based approach.  You can monitor when is the busiest times of the day and week and ensure your staff scheduling mirrors this making for more efficient use of staff and a better customer experience.

Works with other security

You can also easily set up a whole security network within the property that helps protect your business.  Combined with burglar alarms and security lighting, CCTV cameras can make the property much less likely to be targeted by thieves and vandals.  You can even receive a reduction in the cost of some types of insurance if you have the right kinds of protection in place.

TF Installations can offer CCTV installation and maintenance for your business, so you can make sure that you don’t miss a trick. For more information on this service, feel free to get in touch or visit our website.