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The Best Fire Alarm Installers For Hotels

No matter why people need to stay in a hotel, whether it is for business or pleasure, they make their bookings in the belief that the hotel owners are going to provide them with a safe, comfortable experience.

 No one enjoys being evacuated from a hotel by a fire alarm, but when they do they will be relieved to learn that the hotel has a good fire protection system in place and that the fire alarm alert may have helped to save their life.

 On the other hand, if your hotel guest finds out that it was a false alarm and they were evacuated into the chill of the night wearing only their nightwear for no good reason, you can expect to deal with a lot of very disgruntled customers in the morning!

 Hotel fire alarm systems

 To protect the safety of all your guests should you have a fire emergency, it is your responsibility as the hotel owner to ensure your guests and staff have evacuated safely.

 You need to ensure the performance of your fire alarm system and evacuation procedures, and this means making sure your fire alarm is up to scratch and is working properly.

 Hotels have a transient flow of guests and visitors and making sure that they are all familiar with your fire drill can be nearly impossible to achieve. This is why you need your hotel staff to be highly trained and practised in your fire safety procedures to aid the safe evacuation of guests and visitors, but also that your fire alarm system is in perfect working order.

 If you need a new fire alarm system for your hotel, or you want to see if you can upgrade your existing system to comply with current fire safety requirements, then you will need to put your trust in a professional company of fire alarm installers, such as TF Installations.

 Considerations for a hotel fire alarm system

 If your hotel fire alarm is getting old or was installed before you took over the building, then you need to make sure that it is fit for purpose and meets the current needs of your operation.

 A hotel fire alarm system has a set of common requirements, including:

  •         A system that can be easily monitored and maintained
  •         A need to prevent false alarm activations
  •         The need to provide early detection of a real fire
  •         A procedure that enables the safe evacuation of all hotel guests, visitors and staff in a calm and controlled manner

 As hotels are commercial operations, there should be a fully trained fire officer on your staff that can take control during a fire emergency and is capable of directing staff and guests to safety.

 Your fire officer should also carry out regular duties to ensure that your buildings and hotel equipment are safe and protected. This includes scheduling regular testing, servicing and maintenance of your hotel fire alarm system.

 Having a well-maintained fire alarm system will ensure that your hotel meets with your compliance duties and fire safety regulations.

 Your options for fire safety

 Depending on the size and set-up of your hotel, you can choose to keep your fire safety responsibility in-house by training up and appointing your own team of responsible staff that will be able to take control during a fire emergency. 

 Your in house fire safety officer(s) will need to provide documented evidence for insurance purposes following a fire that your hotel fire alarm systems have been regularly tested and maintained to ensure that your fire protection processes are effective.

 Alternatively, you can pass on the responsibility of your fire protection to an outsourced facilities manager that is specialised in offering fire safety services. It will be their responsibility to ensure your fire alarm system is well maintained and in perfect working order.

Most common fire alarm issues

 One of the main issues that most hotels have is the prevention of false fire alarms. Even hotel guests can be accidentally responsible for setting off a false alarm.

 This can happen when they trigger an alarm through smoking in a non-smoking area, exiting the hotel through a fire door that has a trip sensor, leaving the bathroom door open when showering, or even setting off the alarm for malicious purposes.

 How TF Installations can help

 With over 30 years of experience in the fire protection industry, our trusted team work closely with many people in the hotel and hospitality industry.

 We will liaise with you directly, or with your in-house fire safety officer, to help you make the best decisions over new fire alarm installations, upgrading or extending your existing fire alarm system and long-term maintenance needs to keep your fire alarm in tip-top shape.

 No matter whether you run a small, intimate boutique hotel to a 500+ room hotel over many floors, TF Installations will be able to help you! You can make good use of our in-depth industry knowledge to help with every aspect of your hotel fire safety responsibility.

 From the top of the range Notifier systems to emergency lighting and signage, we can help to put your mind at ease and feel confident that your hotel has the best fire protection systems currently available, and give you great reassurance for your protection going into the future.

 Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your fire alarm installation, servicing and maintenance needs!

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