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TFI Professional Emergency Lighting System Design

There are different types of emergency lighting systems used in a business setting but they all tend to get lumped under one broad term. However, each type of emergency lighting system will have a different purpose. Let’s take a look at these different systems and why you need a professional company, such as TFI, to design, plan, install and maintain them for you.

Basically, you can break down emergency lighting to cover these areas:

  • Emergency lighting
  • Emergency escape lighting
  • Emergency escape route lighting
  • Anti-panic lighting
  • High-risk task area lighting

Why your business needs an emergency lighting system

As a business owner, you need to have working emergency lighting installed to ensure the safety of your staff and any visitors to your site, such as customers in a retail setting or business people visiting your offices or workplace etc.

You need to provide safety lighting that kicks in automatically when the mains power supply is cut or fails, and is sustained for a suitable length of time to allow occupants to safely escape the building.

Emergency escape route lighting

Your emergency lighting must provide adequate light and the appropriate visual conditions and direction to find escape routes. Your emergency lighting should also help people to easily locate and use fire extinguishing equipment.

Anti-panic emergency lighting

Many business owners may not know what anti-panic emergency lighting is for. The reason for this type of emergency lighting is to enable occupants to identify escape routes and directions towards finding it.

High-risk task area emergency lighting

Many business operations involve the use of potentially dangerous processes, machinery, chemicals, materials, extremes of temperature etc. High-risk task area lighting helps workers to safely shut down operations and follow procedures that need to be carried out to protect themselves and others working in the area.

Your business may need a combination of emergency lighting

Depending on the nature of your business, you may need to combine different types of emergency lighting to meet with your fire safety requirements. This is why you need to have a fully comprehensive risk assessment carried out by a professional company such as TFI to identify the type of emergency lighting your building will need to meet your compliance.

You will also need to consider your working conditions and standard lighting levels. For example, if your staff work in strong light, it may take a while for their vision to adjust to a change in the illuminance levels due to a power cut in an emergency situation.

If you have an older workforce it can take older people longer to adapt to low light conditions and you may need to install more brightly lit illuminated escape routes by placing more emergency lighting luminaires and signs indicating the way out of your building.

Building refurbishments and alterations

We can design a brand-new emergency lighting system for you if you are renovating or refurbishing your business premises, or if you are re-purposing your internal layout.

Many business owners make alterations to their buildings over the years which can impact on their existing emergency lighting system and design. This can often result in emergency escape routes being altered or diverted, but they can fail to change the emergency lighting plan to account for these changes, which can lead to confusion and misdirection during an emergency.

This is why it is so important that you have your emergency lighting system regularly checked, tested and maintained by a professional company such as TFI once installed to ensure it will function correctly should an emergency event happen.

We provide emergency lighting maintenance services to many businesses around London and the South East of England, so if you would like to schedule a regular inspection, test and maintenance service with us, do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.

Our emergency lighting maintenance services come with an Emergency Lighting Certificate as proof of your compliance for maintenance tests. This can help you should you need to make an insurance claim in the event of an emergency.

Emergency lighting system design 

TFI provides professional emergency lighting system design, installation and maintenance services to the commercial sector across London and the South East of England.

We offer a fully comprehensive, end-to-end service where we can come out to inspect your premises and conduct a thorough audit and risk assessment of your existing emergency lighting system.

If you are relocation your business to a new premises and you are unsure whether your emergency lighting system is adequate to meet your needs, or your business has occupied the same building for many years, we can assess your current system and make recommendations for improvements and upgrades to ensure your business meets with your health & safety and fire safety compliance.

TF Installations Ltd offers a wide range of emergency and LED lighting. We can inspect your premises and make recommendations about which type of LED emergency lighting would best suit your premises and meet your business needs.

We follow the clear guidelines set by BS5266-1:2016 to ensure your emergency lighting design system complies with the needs of your business and suits the layout of your premises. We make sure that you have the highest level of protection in place.

Do not hesitate to contact our friendly team to discuss your emergency lighting design needs. We are also here for you when you need a risk assessment, inspection, test and ongoing maintenance of your lighting system.