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Door Security Installation for Businesses

Door Security Installation: With the sharp rise in crime figures over the last few years, especially the rise in the number of commercial property break-ins in business parks and industrial areas around the country, many business owners are now looking to review and improve their security measures.

One option that is of concern is the safety of the main entry and exit points in and out of their business premises. A very effective way of adding an extra layer of security at your most vulnerable weak spots is to have effective door security installation performed.

Adding extra security measures such as a door access control system to your external doors and any perimeter fencing entrance points will be a very quick and cost-effective way to secure your main entry points that are commonly targeted by burglars and opportunist thieves.

Business security needs are ever changing, so what was appropriate to meet your needs 30 years ago will certainly not meet your needs in these days of higher break in attempts and more sophisticated crime tactics.

Door access control systems

It is becoming far more common for business owners to include door access control and keyless entry systems in their routine security planning for their business premises. These security precautions are even being adopted by small business owners who a few years ago may not have considered themselves as a target for crime, but may have experienced a devastating break in where they have suffered a loss of property or had their premises vandalised – even set fire to in an effort for the criminals to cover their tracks.

Using door security installation services from a reputable company such as TFI Electrical & Fire Systems will be your first step in helping to protect your business premises from unlawful entry.

By using an access control system on your doors you can provide your authorised staff safe entry to your business premises. This is not only reassuring for you as a business owner to know that only authorised staff will be on your property at any given time, but your door security will also act to help keep your staff safe in the workplace.

Unfortunately, commercial burglary isn’t always limited to happening at night when the building is empty. There has been a rise in the numbers of ‘daylight robberies’ where criminal gangs raid commercial buildings during working times and can often threaten staff with violence while they steal goods or force staff to open the office safe.

If your business premises are wide open during business hours where anyone can walk in, then it will pay to revise your security systems to look at ways of securing your doors, including internal access doors, to help prevent criminals from gaining entry into all parts of your premises.

Faster entry for staff than lock and key

Where you may have a little-used door in your business premises, having standard door locks fitted may not be a bad idea. This is because if the door is seldom used it really isn’t going to affect your normal day to day business practices. However, using a regular lock and key system on a very well used door can present problems for staff wanting to access the door numerous times throughout the day.

Using an access control system on a well used door can help to keep unwanted visitors out, while allowing authorised staff free entry. Whether you choose a card swipe style entry system or a key code entry system, swiping a card or tapping in a key code onto a key pad will be a lot quicker and simpler than your staff member having to fumble around in their pocket for the right key and having to turn the key in the lock, especially if they are carrying files or bulky objects at the same time.

Added security integration options

The added benefit of choosing access control doors is that depending on the level of security you are looking for, you can either choose a straightforward entry lock that works on just that one door, or you can choose an access control system that can be fully integrated with your other security systems.

You can hook up your door access into your alarm monitoring where your burglar alarm will trigger should an intruder force that door open. You could hook your door access system into your CCTV surveillance system to effectively track and log movement through your doorways. This can help record any criminal activity carried out on your premises and help the police to identify the individuals responsible for the crime. Need help? Ask about our CCTV Installation service. 

What to do next

Talk to our friendly team at TF Installations about your door security installation needs. We have 30 years of experience in electrical installations and can help you with the following services:

  •         Design all wiring requirements in new builds or refurbishments
  •         Fault finding
  •         Full electrical re-wire
  •         Full installation of all wiring required in new builds
  •         New intruder alarms
  •         Supply and install new CCTV systems
  •         Supply and install new dimmer systems
  •         Supply and install new door entry systems
  •         Update current fuse boards
  •         Update old dimmer systems

TF Installations can work on all of your electrical needs in Nursing Homes, Hotels, Public Houses, Retail Units and Medium to Large Dwellings.

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