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TFI Business Fire Alarm Servicing and Maintenance

Fire Alarm Servicing and Maintenance: In the UK, British fire alarm regulations state that your business fire alarm system must be ‘adequately maintained’. However, according to BS 5839 regulations, your fire protection system should be inspected at least every 6 months by a ‘competent person’ and that could be anyone working for your company with adequate fire safety training.

But how confident do you feel about these guidelines? When the lives of your employees and the future of your business are in your hands, do you think that doing the bare minimum needed to meet your requirements under health & safety laws is enough?

Don’t leave the safety of your staff to chance

With so much responsibility to not only protect the lives of your staff but also the safety of your business going into the future, it makes sense to implement a comprehensive fire alarm servicing and maintenance contract with a professional and experienced company such as TF Installations.

By putting the servicing and maintenance of your fire safety system into the hands of a well-respected and highly experienced company such as ours you will be ensuring that you will stay the right side of the law, and your premises and staff are always protected.

TF Installations are an accredited electrical installation company that strives to meet and exceed current business performance standards, delivering you with great peace of mind about the safety of your staff and working conditions.

Fire Alarm Maintenance and Servicing

Depending on the type of business your run you may need to have your fire alarm system serviced every 6 months, but this could be more frequent if your business handles highly flammable materials, chemicals or conduct procedures that involve working with extremely hot temperatures, such as molten metals, or use tools and equipment that generate a lot of heat and greatly increase your risks of fire outbreaks.

As commercial fire alarm systems start to age, they will often need replacement parts to keep the system working at optimum levels. As part of our inspection and testing tasks that come with your maintenance contract, we will be able to replace worn and faulty components before they become an issue.

By preventing a system breakdown through maintaining your fire alarm system, it will work out to be far more cost-effective than paying out a large sum for a call out should your system malfunction or fail when you need it most.

Maintaining your fire alarm system will also prevent false alarms, which you could be charged for, especially if it’s a repeated occurrence.

Keeping your maintenance and servicing up to date

From a business perspective, it is very important to keep a fire alarm maintenance record. This is because you will be ensuring your compliance with your responsibility under BS 5938 to keep your employees safe and protected from fire risks.

You will be ensuring that in the event of a fire emergency, your fire alarm will function as it is supposed to do and alert your employees, enabling them to safely vacate the property.

Keeping an up to date fire alarm service record will also aid you should you need to claim your business insurance in the wake of a fire emergency. Your fire alarm service records will contain written reports of all work completed, including any components that failed a test and have been replaced.

Do you need to update your fire alarm system?

When you take on new business premises you will be inheriting an existing fire alarm system. With the expected lifespan of a commercial fire alarm system being around ten to fifteen years, it will pay you to have your fire alarm set up thoroughly inspected and evaluated.

Quite often it can be more cost-effective to remove an old fire alarm system and start again from scratch than to attempt to patch up an existing system, especially if it has been dated to be older than ten years.

You may think it would be cheaper to work with what you already have and update your existing system with new components, but as technology moves on pretty quickly you may find that replacement parts needed for your system are hard to source, outdated or even obsolete.

In most cases, an aged fire alarm system wouldn’t be compliant with current fire safety legislation, so it would be better to have a brand-new fire alarm installation to ensure your people and your business premises are completely protected.

How TF Installations can help

Our fully qualified and highly experienced electrical engineers will be able to inspect your existing fire alarm system and advise you if you need a brand new fire alarm system upgrade, or if your existing system simply needs a good service and some replacement components to help the system meet current fire safety standards.

If you have been working out of your business premises for years and suspect that your fire safety system needs updating, or you are planning to move into new premises and are worried that the fire alarm isn’t set up to meet your needs, do not hesitate to contact our friendly team at TF Installations.

If you are looking for peace of mind over your fire alarm system and want us to take over your fire alarm servicing and maintenance, we are here to help! Find out more about our fire alarm servicing and maintenance, or give us a call for a chat about your needs.