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Emergency Lighting Installation Services At TF Installations

Before your building can be safe during an emergency, you need to have an emergency lighting system installed – illuminating escape routes and improving evacuation efficiency. As an experienced emergency lighting installation company, there are several steps we take to ensure that your system is right for your building and is cost-effective.

Emergency Lighting Requires Serious Consideration

Nearly half (44%) of UK businesses don’t have the correct emergency lighting installed, whilst more than a third of social housing tower blocks lack adequate emergency lighting systems.

This raises serious concern as these systems play a vital role in the safety of occupants – whether staff, customers, or residents – during an emergency situation. Failing to utilise suitable systems means that you are at risk of causing serious harm and receiving serious punishments.

Expert Emergency Lighting Installation With TFI

There are a number of things that our experienced team carries out with every system design and installation to guarantee flawless functionality and comprehensive safety.

Bespoke system design

Each building is unique from the layout and size to the type of business or purpose that it serves. That’s why we take time to carefully design a system that meets the requirements of your building’s landscape, covering every area and escape route comprehensively.

Compliant emergency lighting installations

We follow the clear guidelines set by BS5266-1:2016 so that your business isn’t at risk of falling short during inspections, preventing fines and even potential prosecution.

LED lighting

Many older emergency lighting systems don’t use LED bulbs which make them less reliable and more expensive to maintain. We use energy-efficient, reliable LED bulbs in all of our lighting systems so that you can always rely on yours.

CAD Integration

We also use CAD design within our emergency lighting installation process where needed. This helps to integrate the emergency lighting system well throughout the building’s plans, giving a visual map and guide of where lights and control panels are located. Taking advantage of CAD technology to draw up building plans and layouts also allows us to better serve high risk areas.

TF Installations – Trusted By Businesses Large And Small

We’ve worked with a wide range of businesses and organisations, including hotels, residential buildings, schools, and industrial facilities to ensure that their sites are safe for everybody.

Whether it’s installing a large-scale system for hotels like The Hilton, or focused systems that ensure complex routes are well-lit in busy warehouses, we have decades of experience in providing the right solution for the building and business’s needs.

See what our customers have said about our services at TF Installations before:

“I have worked with TFI for over thirty years in various London hotels. I can honestly say they are probably one the best in the business.  They are so easy to contact and always speak to a knowledgeable person . Their service is excellent. They offer a  call out service out of hours. They are totally reliable and their engineers are with the company for many years. It is a major advantage, and it speaks volumes about the company.

I can highly recommend them with total confidence.”