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Should Your Business Choose an Addressable Fire Alarm System?

Fire alarm systems are varied and there are plenty of different options to consider. One of the systems is known as an addressable fire alarm which means that each fire alarm panel has its own unique ‘address’.  But how do you know if this is the right option for your business?

Addressable fire alarm system basics

With an addressable fire alarm system, each of the panels is given a numerical binary code tag or switch within the device.  Or there may be soft addressing where the panel has a unique number for each device in the order that it is wired into the panel.  Because every device has a unique ID number, the installer can allocate a text message for each one – this might be something like ‘first-floor main entrance’ to identify where the panel is located.

These systems then use this ID to tell fire and rescue services exactly where the fire is by identifying which panel has sent the alarm.  This cuts down the time needed to find the location of the fire and mean it is quicker for them to get it under control.

Is it the right choice?

One of the companies that offer addressable fire alarm systems is Notifier and as an approved  Notifier installer, we can help you see if it is the right system for your business.  One of the main considerations is how big your premises are.  If it is a small, single floor area then such systems might not be needed as it is easy to find where the fire is located.  However for larger properties, especially with multiple floors, this kind of system can be crucial.

The systems are easily configured by a professional installer and can help to ensure fire and rescue teams visit the property in a time when false alarms are an increasing problem.

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