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How To Provide Reassuring Safety and Comfort Levels for your Employees

The success of your business all hinges on creating a healthy workplace for your employees. It is no secret that staff will leave an employer if they don’t feel happy in their role, but it doesn’t always boil down to creating a positive work culture and offering good salaries and benefits.

If you want to retain your best employees, you need to create a working environment where they can feel comfortable and thrive. This includes building a workplace where your employees can feel physically safe and secure.

If you value your staff and want to build a business where staff turnover is low, and morale and happiness is high, then you should ensure that all of their needs are addressed, including protecting them from the risks of a fire emergency.

Workplace safety

Providing your staff with a safe place to work is essential. As an employer, you are required by law to have a fully-functioning fire protection system in place. It is not only necessary to have a fire alarm installed, but you need to know that it will work as it should during a fire breakout.

Having your fire alarm and fire protection equipment inspected and tested on a regular basis by a qualified electrical engineer that specialises in fire safety is the best way to ensure you can rely on your alarm system when you need it.

It also helps to have a good-quality, reliable and trusted name in fire protection systems installed, such as Notifier Systems.

Protect and reassure your staff

Notifier Systems by Honeywell is the leading name in fire protection systems in the world and is supported by many decades of continuing research and design technologies. For ultimate safety and security in the workplace, look at installing one of their cutting-edge atmospheric sensing and fire detection systems.

The Notifier Control Panel, for example, was designed to be fully integrated with a range of peripheral smoke, heat and fire detection devices to give your employees great peace of mind while at work.

You should also provide your staff with access to your company written safety guidelines and policies. Your team will be reassured to read that you consider their safety in the workplace as a priority.

Your fire safety guidelines should include how often your fire protection equipment is inspected and tested. Showing your staff that you keep your fire alarm system well maintained and routinely tested will help them to feel more at ease, which can improve productivity rates.

Health and wellness focus

A healthy workplace offers employees the opportunity to take care of their physical and mental wellbeing.

From making sure employees are protected from fire emergencies to providing them with air conditioning and ergonomic furniture, tools and equipment, ensuring your staff are safe and well cared for while on your premises will encourage them to work hard for you and want to stay in their role, which is good for your productivity and staff retention levels.

The environmental conditions of your workplace should also be optimal, including how you light your workspaces to provide enough light and reduce eye strain and fatigue.

Creating the right lighting

An easy and cost-effective way to improve the light levels in your workplace and reduce your carbon emissions at the same time is to have an LED lighting installation.

It is well known that offices with older lighting installations don’t have the best light distribution. Old incandescent bulbs can create dull, low-light levels that cause eye strain in workers as they need to focus harder in poor light environments.

One of the most convenient aspects of switching to LED lighting from an employer’s point of view is that there are no more light bulbs to change! Also, it eliminates the health and safety risks of your staff or maintenance crew needing to climb onto desks or tall step ladders to change the bulbs.

Another great benefit is that LED lighting lasts much longer. You can expect an average office LED light panel to last around ten years without any maintenance.

Environmentally friendly and cost-effective

LED lighting installations consume much less power than standard office and workplace lighting. For example, a 13W LED light emits 68% less carbon Dixoide than a standard 40w light bulb running for an average of ten hours per day.

For you, this means you can better meet with your commitment to reducing your carbon footprint and energy consumption without it severely impacting your day to day business operations.

Modern LED lighting installations are much more affordable and competitively priced than a decade ago. Hence, there is little excuse for you to avoid taking advantage of their benefits in the workplace.

Commercial electrical installation specialists

At the end of the day, your employee’s wellbeing, safety and productivity are in your hands. Creating a positive working environment where your staff feel secure and comfortable is worth the effort of switching to more efficient fire safety and lighting systems.

We can plan, source and install new Notifier Fire Protection systems, repair, service, test, maintain your existing fire alarms and fire safety equipment, and conduct Fire Risk Assessments for new commercial building tenants.

Do not hesitate to contact our team at TF Installations to discuss your workplace fire safety and lighting needs. We are a dedicated specialist commercial electrical installation company that serve businesses and organisations across London and the South East of England.