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The Royal Free Hospital

The Royal Free Hospital was founded in 1828 by William Marsden and has been in its current 12 storey cruciform tower block location since the mid-1970s, where it has been providing care of the highest calibre. The Royal Free is a large multifunctional hospital and needs to maintain high standards of fire safety, with the current 12 floors needing to be constantly updated and maintained. One of the key requirements to the proposed projects was to complete the project as swiftly as possible in order to minimise the disruption inside the hospital.

Over the last 4 years the Hospital have been upgrading their fire alarm system to a L1 system and comply with HTM05-03. This ensures that all areas of the hospital are covered to the highest standard as recommended by BS5839. T F Installations are proud to say that we have been a part of this project from the start. We have helped the hospital achieve this high standard by carrying out surveys throughout the building and designing additional fire alarm systems that integrate into the current system to ensure they hit this high standard.

With extensive knowledge of the Notifier fire alarm system this has aided us in the swift design, install and commissioning of the upgrades to their system. We ensure that we continue to have a close relationship with the Royal Free Hospital Fire Officer and Contactors that work at the hospital.

With the current project coming to a close at the end of 2024 we look forward to aiding the hospital in future projects that are undertaken in the coming years.