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Professional LED Lighting Installation Services

With the ever-increasing pressure coming from environmental groups and the government for everyone to be more environmentally friendly to help combat global warming issues, it makes sense for your business to be switching to a more energy-efficient system of lighting your premises. This is where an LED lighting installation can help.

While just about everyone is being urged to make positive lifestyle changes to reduce their carbon impact, energy consumption and waste production, business owners are being particularly singled out to follow best practice methods to cut their emissions.

This isn’t difficult to see why when the vast majority of UK businesses are running for many hours per day, and some operate 24/7 and will need to constantly light their buildings for safety reasons. This is why one of the easiest and most common steps to take is to switch to using more eco-friendly lighting options in the form of LED lighting.


Why choose an LED lighting installation?

LED lighting has taken off worldwide in popularity, with more businesses and industries making the change from traditional incandescent and fluorescent lighting and shouting far and wide of their adoption of more eco-friendly practices to encourage more trust in their business from increasing numbers of environmentally-aware customers.

It seems that LED lighting is making in-roads into every part of our infrastructure with local councils across the county now busy switching street lights over to LED. Hospitals, care homes and shopping centres have also been introducing LED lighting installations over recent years, with new retail and multi-use building developments having LED lighting planned for as standard.

Many homeowners and landlords are installing LED lights to help reduce their household electricity consumption and keep their energy bills down. The sales and use of incandescent and fluorescent bulbs are dwindling, while sales and use of alternative LED lighting options are spiking.

Most modern makes of LED lighting options use around 15% of the energy needed to power a standard 50W halogen light. However, LED lights are so much more powerful with around 85% more light produced than when using standard halogen light.


LED lighting is better for your health

It is not just hospitals, schools and care homes that are choosing LED lighting installation in their premises to help boost the health benefits of their occupants. Business owners are now realising that keeping their staff happy and healthy in the workplace can also benefit their bottom line.

A huge shift towards improving workers mental health and well-being at work is currently happening. By far one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to help boost your worker’s well-being is to switch your workplace over from more traditional forms of incandescent lighting and harsh fluorescent bulbs to performing a complete LED lighting installation using a professional provider, such as TF Installations.

LED lights are much healthier than traditional incandescent and fluorescent lights because they emit less carbon and do not emit UV rays, which have been proven to be harmful to the health of your skin.

Another environmental consideration to note is that it can be very difficult to safely dispose of traditional lights because they use mercury and lead in their construction. It has been shown that people inhaling mercury vapours from broken lights can develop serious health issues.


A higher level of safety for your staff

LED lights are available in a range of sizes from 3 – 8mm and can be used as a single light or as part of a larger lighting fixture. LED lighting is also so flexible that the light can be directed and angled to illuminate a chosen area, whether that be to light up a doorway or emergency exit from your building, or to light a pathway making it easier for your employees to safely reach the car park when leaving work after dark.


LED emergency lighting solutions

LED lighting in the workplace is also the number one choice for emergency lighting systems to help employees and building occupants to safely escape when there is a fire emergency. LED lights produce brighter illumination and they are very durable and long-lasting. TF Installations supply and install a range of Ansell lights to help provide you with the ideal mix of high-quality luminaires for your emergency evacuation procedures.

Don’t forget that LED lighting is also safe to install outdoors, so you can get a complete safety solution for your emergency lighting from TF Installations. Having outdoor LED lighting installed means you can light pathways, doorways and emergency building exits with effective lights that need minimum wattage to operate.

Another great thing about outdoor LED lighting installations is that the bulbs don’t emit much heat so these bulbs don’t attract insects like more traditional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs do. For buildings with a lot of greenery and use planting to give their building better aesthetics, LED lighting can also be more beneficial for plants.


The many benefits of LED lighting for business

While it may seem like a bit of an expense to convert your business premises over to using LED lighting, your investment into this type of lighting system will be worth it in the long run because you will almost immediately see a great reduction in your energy bills.

The savings made from your energy bills alone will quickly be able to offset your original outlay and investment into your LED lighting installation. LED lighting is also far more robust and long-lasting than more traditional forms of lighting, so your LED lighting system will far outlast more traditional options.

You will get a double dose of benefits by effectively cutting your energy costs, therefore lowering your overheads, and you will be doing a lot of good for the planet at the same time!

Installing LED lighting will help reduce your carbon and heat emissions that are a major contributor to global warming, plus you can improve your ‘green credentials’ and be proud to announce that your business is making a considerable effort to reduce your impact on the environment.

Why not talk to our team at TF Installations today about your LED lighting installation project.