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TF Installations Sounding The Alarm For Professional Fire Alarm Commissioners

Notifier fire alarm systems are world-renowned for their quality, durability and flexibility. When it comes to choosing a fire protection system for your business or commercial property, there couldn’t be a better choice than Notifier systems to give you great peace of mind.

However, when it comes to choosing fire alarm installers, it is always wise to choose professional fire alarm commissioners that have been properly trained and endorsed through the Notifier partnership of over 60 independent fire installation, commissioning and maintenance companies in the UK.

To ensure that your Notifier fire system is properly installed and works perfectly, it makes sense to use professional Notifier Engineered Systems Distributors, such as TF Installations, who have been factory trained and have exclusive access to all of the Notifier system product range, as well as being able to offer you expert technical support for your system.

TF Installations also offer a fire alarm maintenance service that can provide you with the expertise and experience you need to help maintain your Notifier system to the highest standards of fire safety.

Notifier systems by Honeywell

As the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of engineered fire safety alarm systems, Notifier Systems by Honeywell work with a limited number of regional engineers in the UK that have the necessary flexibility to meet with their customer’s requirements.

Notifier systems offer a range of high-quality fire detection and alarm control solutions that are adaptable and flexible enough to meet with the strict security demands of just about any business premises, from hospitals and care homes to multi-use office complexes and industrial manufacturing plants.

The comprehensive range of Notifier fire detection products includes everything from smoke detection and notification, non-addressable fire alarm panels, analogue addressable systems, to advanced network and integration packages.

As a leading name in the fire protection sector, Honeywell and Notifier only manufacture the highest standard and quality of product. By partnering with Notifier, TF Installations can reassure you of a trustworthy service by working with a company of high global standing that is committed to the ongoing research and development of new cutting edge fire detection systems.

The need for professional fire alarm commissioners

When it comes to the safety of your staff and building occupants, one minor error or missed detail could prove to be devastating, especially when it comes to your fire safety system.

For the most part, your fire alarm system can sit unnoticed and be taken for granted for a long time, yet it needs to work flawlessly should a fire emergency occur on your premises. This is why building managers and business owners should prioritise the proper commissioning, testing and ongoing maintenance of their Notifier system.

It is the responsibility of every business owner to ensure best practice when it comes to the installation and regular testing and servicing of their system so choosing a team of professional fire alarm installers, such as TF Installations, to work with. By doing so you will be ensuring that your business will be in full compliance with your statutory fire safety regulations.

Safeguarding your business insurance

Your fire safety compliance will come under close scrutiny by your insurance agent should you need to make an insurance claim following a fire emergency. If your insurance inspector finds that your fire protection system was faulty, damaged or did not work at all to alert you of the fire emergency, you may find your insurance claim denied.

This is why it is important to ensure you have fully qualified technical experts from TF Installations involved in all stages of your fire alarm installation as well as its ongoing long-term maintenance.

What is fire alarm commissioning?

Fire alarm commissioning, for those who don’t know, is the complete step by step process that starts with the design of your fire safety system, including mapping out the layout of your building and the planned placement of fire detection components such as smoke, heat and particle detectors, to the full installation and testing of your new system.

Integrated Notifier systems will be tested to make sure that they interface properly with all the linked up components within the network, and that there are no broken links or malfunctioning equipment in the system.

A regular test of your stand-alone fire alarm system is an example of acceptance testing. This is different to integrated testing of your whole fire protection system, so shouldn’t be relied upon as a guarantee that your integrated system will be in perfect working order and will be triggered in a fire emergency.

There are many complex interlinking features in your fire protection system that include more parts than your fire alarm and smoke detectors. You need to make sure that all your components and peripheries are in good working order and will respond as necessary during a fire emergency.

These include the functionality and responsiveness of your fire alarm systems, smoke, heat and particle detectors, sprinklers, emergency lighting and exit signs. But also include things you don’t really notice or often think about, such as the effectiveness of your smoke evacuation systems, fire doors and fire extinguishers and fire blankets.

As a business owner and property manager, you are required by law to comply with government fire safety regulations in the workplace, so it can pay you to bring in our expert team of fire safety engineers at TF Installations who can undertake the commissioning of your fire safety system.

Do not hesitate to contact our team of professional fire alarm commissioners to discuss your fire protection needs for your business premises. We are here to help!

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