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Professional LED Lighting Installation Services

Sports and leisure centres can make significant energy and maintenance savings by switching to LED lighting. There are thousands of sporting premises and play areas that are upgrading their facilities to LED lighting to help bring down their energy consumption and deliver higher quality lighting levels at the same time.

By switching to LED lighting, building managers have come to recognise the many benefits that this type of lighting can deliver. LED lighting is far more energy efficient than anything that preceded it and also provides a much brighter quality of light, which can be a very important health and safety aspect to consider for sports and leisure centres.

LED lights also offer a consistent and uniform level of light for optimum visibility without flicker or glare risks that can distract the eye and interfere with sporting performances and participation events, such as exercise classes. A steady and consistent level of light is considered a very important element in these sorts of environments, probably more important than in some other types of building premises.

Why LED Lighting is better

Choosing LED light installation for your sports or leisure facilities makes a lot of sense. This type of lighting can deliver a very natural daylight effect which is easier on the eye and can make your centre users feel more comfortable in your environment. You can consult with us at TF Installations to ensure that you get the right LED lighting installed in your facilities. This means that you can make sure that you set the right look and feel of lighting for a fast and furious game of squash on your squash courts, but set a more ambient level of lighting in more peaceful areas, such as within a yoga and Pilates studio.

You wouldn’t be able to achieve the right level of ambient lighting with old fashioned types of electrical lighting as many choices came with a set level and colour that you just had to put up with. This is why choosing LED lights can give you much more flexibility over your choice of lighting for your sports or leisure centre.

Great energy savings results

LED lighting can deliver amazing energy savings over more conventional types of lighting. When you are operating a leisure facility you always need to keep an eye on your overheads and take steps to reduce your costs whenever possible.

LED lighting installation has proven itself to be very cost-effective indeed, with reported energy savings of up to 85% from some leisure facilities when compared with their old electrical lighting energy consumption. What has also been reported by satisfied leisure centre managers is that their maintenance costs have also gone down.

On top of all these savings is the news that having LED lighting installed can help to reduce the load on your air conditioning system. Did you know for example that LED lights actually generate a fraction of the amount of heat that is generated by a standard old-fashioned lighting system. This can be an especially good energy saving move when you consider that many sporting and leisure facilities can run their air conditioning for up to 24 hours a day.

With the government encouraging more businesses to adopt better environmental working practices, installing LED lighting will be a positive investment into your future energy savings. With most local councils committing to reduce the impact of their services on the environment as far as possible, having LED lighting installation in place of old high-energy consuming units can really help to reduce their towns annual carbon emission levels as well as deliver the centre savings in their electricity costs.

Maintenance free LED lighting

Another major advantage that LED lighting has over more traditional inefficient fluorescent lighting options for sports and leisure centres is the long term maintenance aspect. Old fashioned florescent lighting can be quite troublesome to maintain. Many large and airy sports centre halls can have very high ceilings that make it difficult for maintenance staff to access their light fixtures and fitting. Florescent lighting needs to have a routine maintenance schedule where lamps and replacement parts need checking, testing and swapping out.

Also, while maintenance checks are being undertaken, the area affected by the maintenance works will need to be closed down and cordened off while work is completed. In sensitive areas with treated floors, the playing surface will need to be protected from damage while the maintenance is carried out.

Through converting your old-fashioned lighting system to brand new LED lighting, not only will you be able to greatly reduce your energy costs, but also drastically reduced your maintenance bill because LED lights are pretty much maintenance free. Leisure facilities that have made the switch over to LED lighting have reported a full payback of installation costs in as little as two years because they have eliminated their maintenance costs.

LED lighting flexibility

LED lighting has proven to offer a lot more flexibility for new customers, which can be very beneficial to sports or leisure facility managers who may operate their centre 24/7 throughout the year. There are a number of options to consider to add an extra level of control to your LED lighting system. This can add greatly to the ease of running a busy leisure facility. You should talk to our friendly team at TF Installations to discuss your LED lighting installation needs. We are here to help you make the best choices, including lighting control units, daylight and presence detectors that will help you to better control and manage your lighting.