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Notifier Companies – Best In Class

Honeywell is the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of engineered fire alarm systems. Honeywell’s Notifier systems are distributed and installed by a network of Notifier Companies, like TF Installations.

Why Notifier Companies Stand Out:

Honeywell Notifier Systems are only available through Honeywell and approved Honeywell Notifier Companies. To ensure that all Honeywell fire alarm systems are installed to the same high quality as the products themselves, all Notifier Companies are factory trained and have access to a full range of support and from Honeywell which covers product, application and technical support.


This really does mean we are best in class when it come to understanding Honeywell Notifier alarm systems and their installation.


TF Installations follow ISO9001 operations to ensure you get not only the very best products, but you also get outstanding customer service, exceptional support and a professional installation. In addition to this, every Honeywell Notifier product we use meets every international standard there is, so you can be reassured that everything we do and everything we provide will really be the very best in class.


To learn more about TF Installations and Notifier alarm systems, get in touch with our team today, and we will take you through the process of guiding you to the correct products for your unique needs, whilst always making sure that all our fire installation designs meet all the standards for the environment your system will be in. We have all bases (and exits) covered.


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