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The Most Cost-Effective Way To Secure Your Home or Business

No matter when you say the word ‘security’ today, people’s minds always jump to thinking about online security. However, while cyber-security is on the minds of everyone today, giving yourself a high level of security goes much further than creating a clever password.

We so often forget about the physical security of our businesses entirely when we are busy being worried about having our personal or business data stolen. But we shouldn’t neglect our businesses physical security and remember that having door security isn’t just for banks or other financial institutions.

Security door systems are used across many different premises, including homes, offices, entertainment venues, communal entrances to apartments, colleges and universities and more.

Security doors and door security equipment such as smart locks and CCTV monitoring offer you an extra level of security that is designed to keep out intruders and keep those indoors safe. Ask about our CCTV Installation service.

The benefits of a door security installation

When you start talking about security doors, people often assume you mean thick metal doors that are heavy and unattractive. But in fact, modern door security systems are nothing of the sort.

You only have to look at how stylish and aesthetically pleasing the exteriors of modern building are now that have door security installed to see that they are not in the least bit ugly.

There are many styles of security doors that look good, such as those using reinforced glass, ventilated louvre doors and wooden doors with painted metal frames.

Door security systems these days are also very discreet and are not as glaringly as obvious as they once were when the technology was still in its infancy.

This is why so many business owners are now choosing to have door security installations to protect their property, especially when the business spends many hours unoccupied overnight and at weekends and bank holidays.

Security doors and systems help to keep businesses safe. If anything is going to dissuade opportunistic burglars from breaking in is a cutting-edge door security system.

The doors on your business premises are the first line of defence against burglars and are the most important part of your security system.

Reducing crime rates and insurance costs

Having a door security installation not only helps to keep criminals out of your business premises but also helps to reduce the levels of crime in your local business community.

When burglars and opportunist thieves see no easy way into your property, they will move on to casing out a different property with much easier access, usually in a different location.

Not only does this make your business community a safer and more pleasant place to work, but it also greatly benefits local business insurance rates.

When it comes to insuring your business, your premiums and level of cover can be greatly affected by the local crime rate and the number of properties that are broken into on average each year.

So the more businesses in your area that invest in good door security systems, the lower the crime rate and the more cost-effective insurance premiums become.

Top-level security system manufacturers

When you have a door security system from TF Installations, you can remain rest assured that you will be getting top-of-the-line security equipment from the leading manufacturers in the world.

This means that you can have a high-security door entry system that doesn’t look like the entrance to a bank or a nuclear power station.

The equipment we provide and install can be as discreet as you prefer, which may be more important for a business, hotel or apartment block that wants the door security to be more aesthetically pleasing.

TF Installations are a dedicated team of fully trained, qualified and experienced electrical engineers that specialise in the design, installation and ongoing maintenance of fire safety systems, CCTV systems, burglar alarms and business security systems.

We operate across London and the South East of England and work with several high-profile commercial clients and businesses in the public and private sectors. We have built up a strong reputation for providing exemplary services that exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our team predominantly work for end-user clients in the commercial sector, which includes identifying the needs of our clients before we make any recommendations.

We can consult with you to find out everything we need to know about your business and the type of premises you operate from so we can suggest the best door security system to suit your needs.

TF Installations Ltd specialist electrical installations

T F Installations offers businesses a comprehensive range of services that include door security systems and other protection systems that modern business owners need to keep their staff and property safe and secure.

Our services include:

  • Access control systems
  • Analogue addressable fire detection systems
  • Cctv systems
  • Conventional fire detection systems
  • Emergency lighting
  • Fire alarm system design
  • Fire telephones
  • Portable extinguishers
  • Radio fire detection systems
  • Security systems
  • Voice alarm systems

Our team of dedicated electrical engineers not only design, supply and install all the security and protection equipment you need, we also offer full ongoing support and after-sales service for all of your electrical installation repairs, service and maintenance needs.

This means you only need to put your trust in one company to provide you with everything you need to keep your staff, customers and other building occupants safe from the risk of fire and eliminate the risk of theft or criminal activity from unwanted intruders on your premises.

Do not hesitate to contact our friendly team to discuss your door security installation or any of our other services.