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Looking For a Fire Alarm System Design Company?

Are you looking or a fire alarm system design for your premises, do you need a system installed that is secure and reliable?

TF Installations are a fire alarm system design company that specialise in designing, installing and maintaining fire alarm systems.

Fire Alarm System Design

If you need a fire alarm system designed for your premises, either as a completely new installation or to replace your current system, we can design one that is secure, practical to use and reliable so that you can be sure in the event of an outbreak of a fire, you will be able to trigger the system, alert your colleagues and start to safely evacuate the premises.

Our team have over thirty years of experience within the fire detection industry and therefore have the experience and expertise to advise you on the right fire detection systems for your premises and needs.

Our fire alarm system design and installation includes a range of systems:

  • Analogue Addressable Systems
  • Radio Fire Detection Systems
  • Conventional Fire Detection Systems
  • Voice Alarm Systems
  • EVACS (Emergency Voice Communication Systems)
  • Aspirating Systems
  • Emergency Assistance Systems
  • Graphical Packages

TF Installations are a Notifier distributor and therefore we are able to provide our clients with the most up to date systems on the market as well as having the most reliable and up to date knowledge about the newest systems and how they could benefit you.

If you are looking for a fire alarm system design company then TF Installations are the right choice for you.

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