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LED Lighting Installation

Whether you are working in an office, or a factory, or have a home in need of upgrading to the latest in LED Lighting, then TF Installations are here to help guide you to the right LED Lighting Installation for your project.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting has a lot of advantages. LED lights last longer than ever before and are pretty much maintenance free. They are brighter, with a good even light distribution, and LED Lights are constructed in an eco-friendly way and are cost effective when it comes to energy usage too.

ECO Friendly LED Light Installation

On average, LED lights use about one fifth of the energy of traditionally strip lighting that is used in an office or factory environment. This substantially reduces not only an organisations electrical bill, but also their carbon footprint.

LED Lights are constructed without harmful metals such as mercury or lead and when they need to be replaced, they are also fully recyclable.

LED Lighting Installation Cost Benefits

LED lights, unlike traditional or strip lighting, emit only a small amount of heat, yet produce an excellent light source. Having traditional lighting in a small space can often mean also installing a costly air conditioning unit to reduce the heat. In addition to this, the actual running costs are one fifth of a traditional strip light, which really puts pounds back into pockets, especially in a larger space.

LED lighting is therefore more affordable than any other type of office lighting.

In addition to this, the lighting is more gentle on the eyes, which in turn reduces eye strain and headaches too. So not only are you saving money on your electricity and maintenance bills, but you are also improving the wellbeing of your employees.

Fluorescent lighting often flickers and glare, and the savings on your PAYE as a business may also be reduced if you change to LED Lighting in your workplace.

LED Light Lifetime

Did you know that an office LED light panel will last around 10 years, free of any maintenance!

The sturdy components are built to last, and can withstand many conditions such as shock, vibrations and even some impact.

For more information about LED Lighting Installations service, both commercial or domestic,  you can contact us or find out about all of our services, including Fire Alarm Installation and testing