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Do You Need LED Lighting Installation Services?

TF Installations can supply and fit Ansell LED lighting products. As qualified and experienced electrical engineers, we trust in Ansell’s multiple award-winning products to provide our customers with all their LED lighting needs. All Ansell products are rigorously tested and fully compliant with the European Lighting Equipment Standards.

With more business owners becoming concerned with energy saving and using environmentally friendly options wherever possible, using LED lights is the sensible choice and is preferred above traditional lighting for business premises.

LED lights help to cut down on energy use in the workplace, but at the same time offer a very effective and safe form of lighting that is ideal for use on all business premises.

Apart from their low energy consumption levels, LED lights have been adopted across many sectors, including hospitals and educational institutions. In fact, LED lighting has been proven to emit less carbon than traditional lighting options, and do not emit harmful UV rays that can cause issues to eye and skin health.

LED Lighting and improved Work Performance

For office environments and workplaces that need a high level of concentration and focus from their staff, LED lighting can positively influence energy levels, well-being and productivity levels.

Studies conducted in both Europe and the US show that switching your workplace to modern LED lighting can not only help your staff by providing a better light environment but can also boost productivity by at least 3% or more.

TF Installations mainly work directly for end-user clients in the commercial sector. We can offer you a complete range of electrical and security services; from equipment sourcing and supply, professional installation, testing, ongoing maintenance and technical support. This includes working closely with our clients to assess needs and delivering high-quality services at a competitive cost without compromising on quality.

If you are thinking of upgrading your work premises and getting some LED Lighting Installation work done, then contact us at TF Installations and we will be pleased to assist you.