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LED Lighting Installation Benefits For Workplaces

Many of us already know how LED lighting in the home can help to save you money on your energy bills. LED lighting is known for its economic energy use, so there has been a massive uptake of this valuable lighting solution from homeowners over recent years.

But what about the workplace? Is it worth the expense of replacing your standard lighting set-up for LED? We think it is, mainly because of its cost-saving benefits and the fact that LED lights last a very long time and need infrequently replacing, so it will save you money on your maintenance costs too!

But what about the quality and strength of the light? Would replacing standard workplace lighting with LED be better for those working under them? We believe that LED lights are an excellent solution for all workplace settings because they are cost-effective, and the quality of light they provide is exceptional.

High performance and high quality

While many people still believe that all energy-saving lighting solutions take a while to warm up and provide a decent light level, this is not true of LED lighting. These lights are bright almost immediately, so there are no worries about people stumbling about in low light conditions for a few minutes after switching them on.

In fact, LED lighting is especially useful if you have areas in your workplace that need to be brightly lit. Many businesses have tasks that need to be carried out safely and carefully, so LED lights can enable workers to see clearly and work effectively.

Workplaces where LED lighting is ideal

There are a lot of workplaces that are large and don’t have easy access to daylight. There may be huge machinery that blocks light and cast a shadow making it difficult for workers to see clearly without electric light.

Workplaces that can benefit from LED lighting include factories, workshops, production lines, heavy industry, logistics and warehousing. Offices also benefit from LED lighting, especially if set up on large floors and use a cubicle layout with tall dividers between office spaces.

An added benefit of LED lighting installation is the flexibility you get. This lighting solution is exceptionally flexible. You have a wide choice of lighting styles, such as spotlights, floodlights with PIR for larger spaces, and lighting effects from bright daylight to warmer, softer lighting tones.

For a business taking over new premises, it can often be a nightmare when they realise they have inherited a building with a mix and match lighting system that is chaotic and not suitable for their needs.

With LED lighting, there is no need to worry because it is a lighting solution that will fulfil the needs of a workplace no matter what the working environment is like.

Long-lasting and durable lighting solution

Lighting solutions for the workplace need to work hard all year round. This is why LED lighting is incredibly well suited for the workplace because of its durability and longevity. Workplace lighting can often burn for many hours of the working day, often long into the night and even overnight in some facilities.

Unlike home lighting that will be switched off at night and won’t be used during the daytime, workplace lighting has a hard life where it needs to withstand many long hours of use, varying temperatures and harsh weather elements when used outside.

LED lighting is durable and well made, so it is exceptionally well suited for loading bays and outdoor workspaces where vehicles and machinery can be subjected to accidental knocks and vibrations.

LED Lighting solutions are also the number one choice for leisure centres and outdoor sporting environments. LED floodlights are very effective at lighting up pitches, running tracks and sports fields. The lights are highly unlikely to get damaged when struck by footballs or other sporting equipment.

LED energy-saving solution

All UK businesses are under pressure from the government to cut their carbon footprint and reduce their environmental impact. One way of cutting your business energy use is installing an LED lighting to replace your old energy-hungry lighting set-up.

LED stands for light-emitting diode and is a very effective energy-saving solution for all businesses. Did you know that an LED light can last 50,000 times longer than a traditional halogen light? It’s true, and as well as lasting longer than any other light bulb it also converts 95 per cent of the energy it consumes to light with only five per cent being wasted as heat.

Disposing of spent lighting has always been a problem for businesses because many traditional lights contain toxic materials that are harmful to the environment when smashed and are difficult to recycle safely.

On the other hand, LED lights contain no toxic elements and are completely recyclable in the UK. Because of their extraordinarily long life, you will use far fewer LED lights and will be able to lower your carbon emissions by creating less waste.

Money-saving LED lighting installation.

By switching your workplace over to LED lighting from standard light bulbs, you will be saving your company a lot of money off your energy bills. Some research has even suggested that a business can save up to 80 percent of their lighting bill over a year, so it won’t take long for your lighting installation to pay itself back in cost savings.

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