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What Security Does Your Insurance Require From You?

What Security Does Your Insurance Require? Business insurance is a large and complex area with different types of policies having different clauses and stipulations.  One thing that is common to any type of insurance that covers the business premises is that a certain level of security is required.  But what kind of thing might this involve?

Act as if uninsured

One of the principles of insurance is to act as if you are uninsured – what this means is that you must take steps to reduce risks as if you weren’t insured rather than not worrying about them because you are.  An example of this is leaving your main entrance with a flimsy key lock rather than having a comprehensive door security installation because you know you have theft insurance – this could easily invalidate your insurance.

When it comes to security, there is the need to have a minimum security level that protects against physical intruders when the business is closed.  This might involve the right level of security doors, rollers shutters and other locks on entrances and windows to ensure no-one can easily gain access.

Other types of security

There are also other types of security that you may be required both legally and for your insurance to have in place.  Fire security is one example – fire alarms, sprinkler systems and other protective measures.  These should work when no-one is around to acknowledge the fire and a lack of them could land the company in legal as well as insurance trouble.

Emergency escape lighting is another area that is required under regulations and therefore will be required by insurance.  This is designed to show people where to go in an emergency or a power cut, so they are directed to safety as quickly as possible.  There are different types of systems available to suit the needs of your business.