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Installation and Design

With more than 30 years of experience, TF Installations guarantee safe and reliable fire safety systems that keep your site safe, protecting the lives of your staff and patients during an emergency.

Fire Safety For Healthcare Sites & Hospitals

As a healthcare provider, it is your duty to provide patients and visitors with an extremely safe environment that allows for timely evacuations so that every emergency can be managed swiftly.

With many patients lacking mobility, early detection and immediate evacuation is essential to allow enough time for everybody to exit the building safely. Only the appropriate fire detection and emergency systems can create the required level of safety that you need.


Customised Fire Alarm and Emergency Lighting Solutions

TF Installations specialises in designing and implementing state-of-the-art fire alarm and emergency lighting systems that go beyond compliance. Our solutions can be tailored to the unique layout and safety needs of your site, ensuring comprehensive coverage and rapid response in the event of an emergency.

Our Tailored Approach For Hospitals & Healthcare Centres

Advanced Detection Technology: Our fire alarm systems incorporate the latest cutting-edge detection technology to identify potential threats quickly and, crucially, accurately in any areas throughout hospitals and medical centres.

Bespoke Emergency Lighting Systems: The complex nature of large healthcare buildings and hospitals creates additional fire safety risk to staff and patients alike. Our systems are carefully designed to illuminate all escape routes and critical areas, providing clear pathways for all occupants, even in low visibility conditions.

Integration and Automation: Streamline your safety protocols with integrated systems that automatically trigger emergency responses, enhancing the efficiency of your evacuation procedures.

Convenient Maintenance Contracts: The large scale and increased risk potential of hospitals requires constant focus and attention on fire safety systems. Our hassle-free maintenance and support services ensure your systems remain safe and functional, with tailored on-call support for any of your needs.

You can read more about emergency lighting maintenance and its important on our blog.

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Easy to deal with; engineer was responsive to site issues even though did not form part of his brief (some companies just walk away). This helped us resolve everything on site with a happy client at the end. Thank you


Always a pleasure to deal with anyone at TFI. Quick, reliable, professional and friendly team. Nothing seems to much to ask. Very happy with the service and I would certainly recommend to anyone.

Travcorp Management Services Ltd

Alpine Works Ltd: “We have worked with Tony Fox and Martin Condon for approximately 5 years at The Royal Free Hospital, London NW3 on numerous projects. During that time we have found them to be prompt, reliable, and courteous to our clients and staff alike. We have also found their installation work to have been carried out to a very high standard. We look forward to using their services in the future.”

Alpine Works Ltd

Royal Chace Hotel Testimonial: We have used the services of TF Installation for some time now and found them to be reliable and courteous, extremely knowledgeable in their field of expertise (fire alarm services) and very accommodating to our needs at the hotel. Solving any problems with our systems at various times,  bearing in mind that being a Hotel we are never closed. We would recommend TF Installations without hesitation.

Royal Chace Hotel
Royal ChaceEstate Manager

W.Portsmouth & Co. Ltd: “We have been working alongside Martin Condon and Tony Fox for many years now. We have found their work to be of a very high standard, and the service from office staff and site operatives, has always been exemplary. You know exactly what you are going to get from T F Installations Ltd and that is why we hope to continue with our working relationship for many years to come.”

W.Portsmouth & Co. Ltd

We have always found TF Installations to be reliable and are more than happy with the service (fire alarm installation and maintenance) they provide us with.

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