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How to Get the Best Door Locks – Door Security Installation

When you own a commercial property, door security is a big concern. You want to ensure there are the right alarm systems, maybe CCTV  (ask about our CCTV Installation service) and be certain that there are fire alarm systems in place.
However, the most central part of the property’s security is the windows and the doors. When you get door security installation, the heart of this is the door locks – but what are the main options?

Cylindrical lever locks for door security installation

Cylindrical lever locks are one of the most popular commercial options and are even sometimes used on domestic properties if door security is an extra concern.  These locks are made from a variety of parts, some of which are seen in other door types.  The main components are inside and outside levers, the inside and outside rose, the latch, chassis and the cylinder itself.  Most use a standard bored cylindrical lock that is a lot like a pin tumbler and the lock nearly always rests within the lever. Cylindrical locks differ from other commercial locks in key ways.  For instance, push button locks don’t have the cylinder but cylinder locks can work with a key and a push button.

Mortise locks

Mortise locks are popular because they are strong and reliable and have been around for a long time with a proven track record.  They are great for domestic and commercial properties and stand up well to constant use that makes them ideal for business properties with a lot of foot traffic.

The internal workings of these locks are what makes them so strong.  They have several elements that work together including the spindle, lock cylinder, strike plate and the actual handle that operates the lock.  You can also upgrade to add extra door security features including hard collars and faceplates.  Bolt size is a key indicator of the strength of the lock.

Keypad door locks

Keypad door locks started out being used for homes and particularly apartment buildings but there are now advanced styles for commercial properties.  They are ideal if you have lots of employees coming and going and don’t want to supply each one with a key.  They can have multiple users that input a code to gain entry to the building and this helps reduce the chance of unauthorised access and increases door security measures.

Locks can also be programmed with hierarchies that let some codes enter all parts of the building while others only have access to some areas.  This means you can have limited access areas.  The more advanced styles can also have biometric ID features installed rather than just key codes.

Crash bars

Crash bars, also known as panic bars, are commonly seen in commercial properties and have been around for a long time.  Their origins were when over 180 people died in a stampede in the Victoria Hall in the early 1880s because doors were locked, and people couldn’t get out.  Crash bars were created to lock the door from the outside but allow people inside to easily exit the building.  They are often used on fire doors.

Electric strike locks

Electric strike locks are a combination of door security locks that offer the blending of a crash bar and a keypad door lock.  They can be used with crash bars and help to add extra door security to the property.  They replace the traditional strike plate with an energised or electric strike plate – the correct code breaks the circuit and allows the door to open.

Choosing the right lock

When you are getting security doors or external doors fitted to your property, you will be able to use the expertise of the team fitting them to get the right locks.  But these locks are some of the main types on offer to help secure your business property and provide the best door security systems.

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