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What Notifier Systems Does Your Hotel Need?

When you operate a hotel, you want to ensure that your business and guests are protected from threats of fire.  That means using a quality system such as the Notifier systems to protect everyone. But what kind of elements does your hotel need?

Basic fire precautions

All hotels should have a fire risk assessment carried out to help spot where there are potential problems and where measures need to be put in place.  Part of this is an ongoing regular assessment to check things haven’t changed or new risks haven’t appeared.  It will look at hazards, risks and also processes in place such as the use of fire doors.

Once this is done, you can start working with an expert in Notifier systems to see what level of fire protection will work best for your hotel.  The systems include elements such as emergency lighting systems, extinguishing panels and fire graphics systems.  There are high sensitivity smoke detectors and also fire and flame detection systems.

Larger hotels

For medium and large hotels, there are also steps required to let everyone know what is happening and get them out of the building in a safe way.  That’s why Notifier offers systems such as paging systems and public address speakers.  You can also have video security, so your staff can track the process of guests and easily make sure areas are clear.

At TF Installations, we work through the needs of your hotel with you and help you find the right elements of the different Notifier systems to suit your needs.  That way you can be certain you avoid those hefty fines that come from breaching fire regulations.  And you can offer reassurance for guests and staff that you have processes in place to protect them if the worst happens and there is a fire incident in the building.