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In Winter It’s Time To Be Fire Savvy: Our Fire Alarm Installers Can Help

With winter fast approaching, you are more likely to be found adjusting your thermostat, using more electricity on average and even stoking up a roaring fire in your living room, this is where our fire alarm installers can come in!

With greater dependence on electrical and fire risk devices, systems and appliances, however, comes greater responsibility to be fully prepared. After all, heating systems, electrical appliances, Christmas decorations and open fires are among the most common culprits of house fires in the UK. The UK on average sees 500 fatalities a year from fire-related incidents; don’t be another number on that list.

It is an imperative that you, your home and your business are adequately prepared to prevent both the break out of a fire and its spreading. Containment and alertness are your principal means of preventing such a calamity.

Our fire detection fire alarm installers are a dependable means of isolating the fire risk, making sure that your household or business is up to a safe and fire avertable standard.

Smoke and fire alarms are the strongest asset you can have in preventing fatalities. Put simply, alarms save lives. We can help you fix up your space to be fully fire detectable, underscoring the variety of alarms needed, their uses and the number of alarms required to put that risk at bay.

Even if you believe you are fully prepared, it is estimated that some 30% of smoke alarms are actually at risk of failure, with missing or flat batteries in some cases and, even worse, disconnected batteries as a result of user negligence.

As you begin to rely more on electrical and gas fire devices for your winter warmth, it is all-important that you check, maintain and update your fire preparation devices and drill.

If you feel you need help in getting your business and household fire prepared, get in touch with us about our fire alarm installers.