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Fire Safety Statistics For 2022

Fire safety is important for each and every business to adhere to, regardless of what type of premises you operate in or industry you are in. Over the last couple of years, it has become apparent that many businesses still fail to take the proper precautions when it comes to maintaining sufficient fire safety – something which can cost lives and businesses financially. Let’s take a look at what the fire safety statistics for 2022 show us.

The Latest Fire Safety Statistics

→ 93% of fires are successfully dealt with using fire extinguishers

→ Currently, there are roughly 22,000 workplace fires each year

→ Of these workplace fires, 22% are started on purpose by humans

→ Many businesses received heavy fines due to failing to adhere to UK fire safety regulations, including the former owner of The Radnor Hotel on Inverness Terrace who was fined £200,000 and prison sentence for defying fire safety regulations

→ The proper installation and use of fire extinguishers save an estimated 24 lives each year and prevents over 1,600 injuries

→ Around 87% of emergency lighting systems failed when tested

→ 40% of fire incidents that were responded to in the year leading up to June 2022 were false alarms

→ The industries which are at most risk of workplace fires include:

  1. Industrial premises
  2. Retail buildings
  3. Restaurants & commercial kitchens
  4. Healthcare
  5. Hospitality such as hotels and hostels

→ Nearly 40% of businesses in the UK do not have a suitable fire risk assessment

What Does This Mean?

It is clear to see from these fire safety statistics the importance of adhering to UK fire safety regulations. 

Both from a safety perspective and a financial perspective, maintaining your fire safety systems and equipment is an important factor that you as a business must plan for.

Unfortunately, many of the statistics above show that not enough businesses are doing so which is creating potentially dangerous work environments and resulting in more injuries and deaths each year than ever need to occur. It is also leading to huge costs for businesses who will get fined when their systems are tested.

How Can Your Business Avoid Negatively Adding To These Statistics?

No business wants to be responsible for endangering the safety of their staff and customers. By ignoring fire safety regulations or taking them too lightly, you create an unsafe premises that could result in injury, huge costs, reputational damage, and even death.

Don’t be one of these businesses. Make sure you are regularly up-to-date on all maintenance and testing across your fire detection and prevention systems, and have sufficient system installation for your building.

If you need any assistance with fire safety system installation, or maintaining and servicing your existing systems in line with regulation requirements, get in touch with us.

At TF Installations, we have been helping businesses for decades to remain safe.