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The Latest Fire Alarm Technology – TFI Complete Training For The Morley-IAS Max Range

Fire safety technology is continuously advancing to provide us with more effective tools that keep spaces as safe as possible. In the world of fire detection, systems are always being improved to create more accurate, more easily manageable, and more reliable fire detection and alerting.

The latest equipment from Honeywell seeks to achieve all of this and support businesses with a safe solution that can protect their entire site. TF Installations have recently completed training on these latest systems so that we can help to give your business the right fire detection system for its needs.

TF Installations Complete Training On The Morley-IAS Max

Our fire alarm experts have recently completed full training on the Morley-IAS Max alarm panel by Honeywell, giving our team comprehensive knowledge on how the system works and how it can best be used in different environments.

This means that we can now supply your business with the latest alarm panel, updating your fire safety equipment and protecting your building, occupants, and assets from fire risk!

What Is The Morley-IAS Max Range?

The Morley-IAS Max range consists of three different panels that each offer various features and capabilities depending on what your premises require.

  • The MA-1000 – single addressable loop, non-networkable fire alarm control panel
  • The MA-2000 – dual addressable loops, networkable fire alarm control panel
  • The MA-8000 – four addressable loops that’s expandable up to eight, networkable fire alarm control panel

Every panel within the range is addressable, providing more detailed and more accurate fire safety management. In order to maximise fire safety and fire detection capability, these panels integrate with a number of highly accurate detectors including low profile optical detectors, optical heat sensors, Rate of Rise heat sensors, and more.

How Do They Help To Keep Your Building Safe?

The advanced technology used in the Morley-IAS Max range is designed to support each site with a safe, manageable system that ensures reliability and accuracy in every stage of the detection process. Here’s how Morley-IAS Max alarm panels create a safer environment for your business or organisation:

  • Guaranteed compliance with the latest fire safety regulations in the UK.
  • High-performance Cause & Effect groups leveraged by Boolean Logic, allowing you to manage false alarms and evacuations proactively, whilst gaining more visibility across your alarm system.
  • Networkable system that enables better control of detected events, connection of multiple panels, and automatic synchronisation to support system maintenance for a safer fire detection system.
  • Thanks to the increased loop power capacity, these panels also allow for more visual alarm devices per loop so that occupants can be alerted rapidly throughout your premises.
  • An easy-to-use system so that designated fire safety staff can manage fire safety more effectively across your site.

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If you’d like to learn more about the new Morley-IAS Max fire alarm control panel and protecting your business with the latest fire safety systems, feel free to reach out to our team who can provide you with more information and advice on which solutions may be best for your premises.