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Fire Alarm Installers: How Professionals Help Save Money

Can I install my fire alarm system myself or do I have to use Fire Alarm Installers?

If you are an individual (not a business) then in theory yes you can, depending on the level of protection you want. Most homes have the ceiling alarm systems that are run by battery which do not require professional wiring by a qualified electrician. However, if you are looking for something a little more complex, something that will ensure your loved ones are as safe as possible in the event of a fire, then you should look to employing a professional Fire Alarm Installer who will advise on the best system to suit you.

If you are a business, then your fire alarm system should be installed and maintained by a professional Fire Alarm company.

UK Law on Fire Detection Systems in Business Premises

In the UK, the law states that every business premises must have a fire detection system, see The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. This law, which is fairly current compared with a lot of outdated laws, also states that a business fire detection system should comply with British Standard BS 5839. For most businesses this means employing a professional Fire Alarm Installation and Maintenance company.

It is important to note that a fire detection system does not always mean a Fire Alarm system, and TF Installations can help guide you find the most appropriate solution for your business, but the main points to note are that your business premises does not need to have a Fire Alarm system if all of the below criteria have been met:

  • Your premises are small and on one floor
  • You don’t use or store high risk substances and/or chemicals
  • You don’t have vulnerable occupants such as the elderly, the very young or disabled persons
  • You don’t use the premises for activities that are high risk, such as cooking
  • A fire would be easily spotted
  • A warning shout would be easily heard by all occupants

Straight away, having professional Fire Alarm Installers do a fire risk assessment with your business may very well save you money, and instead of a full fire detection system some smoke alarms, fire exit signs and internal fire doors may well be enough. Please do not hesitate to contact TF Installations for help with your fire risk assessment.

Larger business premises will need a higher grade of protection for life, and especially if your business is more high risk, or stores and/or uses chemicals and/or explosive or corrosive substances.

Fire Alarms are graded, from A to F with A being the highest grade of alarm required. Residential homes usually fall into the lower grade categories D, E and F whilst business premises usually require a higher grade system which will usually be hard wired into a central system and with a backup, failsafe power supply.  Again, using a professional company to help with your fire risk assessment could mean you are paying for less, by identifying what is essential for your property, meaning you are not paying for something you don’t need.

In addition to this, a professionally installed system can often be supported by a maintenance plan. These may be considered by your business insurance company too, which can often lead to a decrease in monthly or annual insurance fees.

A fire alarm system not only protects life, it may help your business save money too.

To find out more about our fire detection services and how we can help you, whether that be system design, installation or maintenance, please feel free to contact TF Installations.