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Fire Alarm Installers For Your Fire Detection Systems

Are you interested in getting a new fire alarm system installed in your company building? Do you want to employ a company that you can trust?

TF Installations are fire alarm installers that can provide you with the design, installation, maintenance and servicing of reliable and safe fire detection and alarm systems.

Fire Alarm Installers Services

We are fire alarm installers that have over thirty years of experience within the fire detection systems industry and our engineers are specialised in all types of fire detection.

It is known that over ninety percent of calls to the fire brigade are due to false alarms. These are often caused by faulty fire alarm systems. Therefore it is vital that your fire alarm system is installed correctly and regularly maintained and serviced to ensure that it functions correctly. Having your system regularly maintained means that any problems get identified and fixed early, before going off without a valid reason or before a fire breaks out and the system fails to trigger and alert those in the building.

Our fire alarm installers are committed to providing our customers with professional services and fire solutions that you can rely on. After your fire detection system has been installed we  carry out regular maintenance, ensuring it continues to function as it should. We ensure that you are kept in control, by scheduling our maintenance sessions to suit your business needs.

We are dedicated to installing the best fire detection system for your business premises and as a Notifier distributor we can provide you with the most up to date systems in the fire detection marketplace, as well as the most accurate knowledge about the products.

If you would like to know more about our fire alarm detection systems or our fire alarm installers, contact TF Installations. Call us on: 07765 865906 today.