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Fire Alarm Installations – What Can You Expect?

Whether you need to upgrade your fire alarm system and are having a new modern system installed, or have moved into a new building, you may be wondering what to expect throughout the process. It’s an essential part in ensuring the safety of your employees, customers, and business property. In this article, we will go over what you can expect when having a new fire alarm system designed and installed, so that you can best prepare.

Assessment and Design

The first step in installing a new fire alarm system is to conduct an assessment of your building’s needs. We will begin by evaluating the size and layout of your building, as well as the type of business you operate, to determine the most appropriate system for your needs. We’ll then assess any potential hazards that may require additional detectors or particular equipment in order to keep your building effectively safe.

Once we understand the requirements for your business, we will work with you to design a system that meets your building’s specific safety needs. The design of the system includes determining the number and placement of fire detectors, as well as the type of alarm and notification system that will be used.

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The installation of a new fire alarm system typically involves several steps. The first step is to install the control panel, which is the central hub of your system. It will usually be placed in a central area, such as a main office or security room so that it is easily accessible by those who need it.

Fire detectors then also need to be installed in strategic locations throughout your building so that all areas are covered. These detectors can be either smoke detectors or heat detectors, depending on the specific needs of your business.

Finally, the alarm and notification system is installed. This includes installing horns or sirens that sound when the alarm is triggered, as well as any strobe lights or other visual notification devices.


Once the full installation is complete, we will then conduct thorough testing to ensure that the system is working correctly and reliably to keep you and occupants of your building safe in the event of a fire. This includes testing each detector and alarm to ensure that they’re functioning properly and that they’re communicating with the control panel.

Maintenance and Monitoring

Once we are happy that your new fire alarm system is setup and ready to function reliably, it’s important to schedule regular maintenance and monitoring of the system. This ensures that the system continues to function correctly and that any potential issues are addressed promptly.

Regular maintenance involves testing the system to make sure it would work during a fire incident, replacing batteries in detectors and alarms, and cleaning any dirt or debris that may have accumulated on the detectors.

Monitoring is also an essential aspect of maintaining a fire alarm system. This can include remote monitoring services that can alert authorities or designated personnel in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Installing a new fire alarm system in your building is extremely important in ensuring the safety of your business and all occupants who may be within in your building. It is also – for many businesses – a requirement in order for you to remain compliant with current safety regulations in the UK.

 It’s important to work with a reputable fire alarm company that can guide you through the process, from assessment and design to installation, testing, and maintenance. These are the approximate stages and steps that you can expect when having a new fire alarm system installed!

If you have any further questions about fire alarm system installations, get in touch with us today.