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TF Installations: Fire Alarm Installation and Maintenance Services

Does your business premises have adequate fire safety protection in place? As a business owner, you are obliged to comply with all current Health & Safety legislation and failing to meet with your requirements could see your company landed with some serious consequences.

Moving into new business premises

Quite often the process of moving a business to new and larger premises can be a complex one. Adapting your business practices to comfortably fit into a new working environment and layout can mean greatly altering your original floor plan, especially if you are adding additional new equipment, tools and machinery etc.

Moving to a different premises will require you to conduct a new Health and Safety Risk Assessment as well as planning out and installing a new fire protection system. The premises that you are moving into may already have a fire alarm in place, but that old installation will have been designed and fitted to meet very different operational requirements to your own.

Fire alarm installation and maintenance

Having the right fire safety system in place can make all the difference between life and death. Moving to a new premises will require that you test your fire alarms to ensure that they are operational, and assess whether they meet your needs. It may be necessary to upgrade the existing equipment or even completely replace the system for a new one. However, this is a task that is best left to the professionals to handle for you. This is when TF Installations can help.

We can arrange for our team of fully qualified fire alarm technicians to come out to your business premises and thoroughly inspect and test your existing fire safety system. We can conduct an assessment that looks at the type of business you run and the materials or hazardous materials you may deal with. From this we can draw up a report that highlights the best course of action to take to bring your fire safety system up to scratch. This may involve installing a new system, extending your system or upgrading it with a new fire alarm installation.

The great thing about working with TF Installations is that once the work is done and your business premises meets with all current fire safety requirements, we won’t leave you high and dry.

We also offer a fire alarm maintenance service that will ensure your fire safety system remains in perfect working order with regular maintenance inspections and testing. Should we discover any damaged cabling or equipment during our scheduled maintenance visits, we will immediately report any issues we find to you and can recommend and fit replacement parts, or can perform all the necessary repairs to get your system running perfectly once again.

No matter what fire safety protection you have in place, it will be completely useless to you unless it is meticulously maintained. TF Installations will work with you to ensure that your fire alarm system is kept up to date and acts as an integral part of your company fire protection strategy and policy.

Financial benefits

Because you will be having your fire alarm maintenance undertaken by a professional fire alarm specialist company, this will also mean that when it comes to renewing your business insurance premiums, you can often make great savings on your premium because you will have up to date certification from us to prove that you have the best possible fire safety protection in place.

Another thing to think about is that should you be unfortunate enough to suffer from a fire emergency, your insurance company may not pay out for your necessary repairs and replacement equipment should they discover that your fire safety system failed to operate because of an existing fault that hadn’t been addressed, or because the system was found to be inadequate for your needs.

This can be completely devastating to a company and may even lead to a business having to close down completely, and no one wants that!

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