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Expert Fire Alarm System Design

Even during the best of economic climates, most business owners want to keep their overheads as low as possible. However, one aspect of running a successful business that cannot be overlooked, irrespective of the economic climate is the company’s fire alarm system design and fire detection system.

In most cases, a business owner will try to make do with what fire safety equipment they already have in place and often it can be difficult to see past the day to day operation and maintenance of the manufacturing equipment or IT infrastructure rather than the condition of their fire alarm system.

However, should a fire emergency break out and destroy a critical piece of equipment or machinery that is important to your business processes, and your fire alarm didn’t sound, then this shows you that your fire detection system’s functionality is inadequate.

The negative consequences on your business can be devastating. Your costs will range from severe financial penalties, especially if your business insurance cover is negated because you didn’t have a fully-functioning and well-maintained fire protection system, to the potential risk to life and limb of any employees on your premises at the time of the fire emergency.


Working with an ageing fire alarm system design

There can be many reasons why an old fire protection system can break down, right when you need it the most. Reasons can include anything from working in poor environmental conditions that can speed up the deterioration of sensitive parts, from dust or pollution to damage caused by rodents or insects and incorrect or poor positioning of your fire safety equipment within your building.

One common problem we find when we inspect many business fire safety systems is that they can often be installed incorrectly opening up the equipment to accidental damage from bumps or collisions in the workplace.

Breaks in the system can often occur from frayed, loose or worn wiring that spans doorways or places with heavy traffic on a daily basis.

We also see major issues when a company moves into new business premises and inherits an old fire safety system left behind by the previous occupier. In most cases, these old fire systems would have been designed and fitted to meet the needs of the business at that time, but that doesn’t mean it will be suitable for your business!


Do I really need a new fire alarm system?

When you are moving to new business premises you will be required by law to have a functional fire alarm system to protect your employees from the risks of smoke and fire.

The basic requirements for all industrial fire alarm systems are:

  •         To warn your employees and other building occupants of an emergency
  •         To evacuate everyone safely from the building
  •         To alert the fire service to attend with an appliance
  •         To trigger any fire prevention systems such as sprinklers to help extinguish or control the spread of fire

If you have inherited an old system from a previous building occupier or you are working with an aged system that is outdated, then it is worth working with a professional fire security company such as TF Installations to plan out the best replacement fire alarm system design to suit your business needs and the layout of your business premises.


Replacement parts and fire alarm extensions

There are also cases where a business may expand their premises by building a new extension, or they go through a restructure where they repurpose the use of their available space.

Plans such as these can mean your existing fire alarm system will no longer meet the needs of your company. For example, your existing fire alarm on one floor of your premises may have been set up to cover low-risk office and admin use. Should you then decide to reassign this floor for a different purpose, then the existing fire protection may be too low to meet the increased fire risks now in place. In this case, you should get your building thoroughly inspected with a new fire risk assessment.

TF Installations can work with you to help get your fire safety system up and running regardless of whether you are extending your property or repurposing your building use. We will recommend that you either replace your system or make changes to your existing equipment in order to be compliant with all current British fire health and safety rules and regulations.

We can do a fire risk assessment of your premises, inspect your existing fire protection system and recommend the way forward for your company to make sure that you get the complete protection that you business needs.


Cutting-edge new fire alarm system design

Sometimes it can be more cost-effective to start from scratch. When the costs of repairs and replacement parts far outweigh the cost of designing and installing a brand-new fire protection system, especially a cutting-edge new wireless fire alarm system design, it makes sense to completely update your fire protection for the safety of everyone that works on or visits your business premises.

Investing in new fire alarm technology means more sensitive detection, advanced warning and mitigated risk. Your modest financial outlay in the design and delivery of a modern fire alarm system more than makes up for trying to maintain an existing fire system that relies heavily on old or obsolete components and equipment.

Why not contact our team of fire protection experts at TF Installations for their help and advice today!

We can help get your business protected in the right way.