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Expert Door Security Installation

With more businesses needing to be more security-aware in this day and age, it has become a high priority to upgrade their security system to include new door security installations such as keypad entry or cutting-edge smart locks.


Gone are the days where a simple slide-bold was a secure enough measure to keep your gateways protected. These days you need to ensure that all of your access points have tight control to prevent unwanted intruders from entering your premises.


Access control systems allow you to restrict access to areas of your premises or buildings that need to be protected, or can be a dangerous environment for anyone to simply wander into.


Examples of where door security installation is essential


Every business running today has a duty to protect it’s stored data, whether that be in digital or paper form.


To prevent any potential ID fraudster from walking in off the street and stealing your valuable customer information or staff details, you need to have your doors locked and rooms only accessible by authorised persons.


By installing door security locks you can gain a lot of benefits such as:


Keypad entry: No need to cut and issue keys that can be lost, stolen or copied


Unfortunately, it is sad to say that a lot of business data breaches occur when door keys go missing. This can happen when an employee leaves under a cloud and fails to return their keys.


This can mean the company is left exposed to the risk of a malicious data breach. To avert this the company will have to go to the extra expense of having the locks replaced to prevent unwanted entry.


Keys are also lost quite frequently, so extra keys will need to be cut to act as a replacement – an unwanted expense, plus you will have the worry of where the missing keys are or if they were actually stolen on purpose.


However, with a door keypad entry system, you can simply change the old entry code for a new one. If you have a key-card entry system lock, then you can simply issue new access cards to your key employees.


See Who’s Coming and Going


You should also look at securing your main access points such as external gates entering your property and your main building entry doors by CCTV door security installation.


If you have a large property or carry goods or property with a high street value, you will become a target for criminals looking to break in and steal what they can get their hands on.


However, a door security system that incorporates CCTV can be monitored and recorded at all times. This can allow your security staff to see who is visiting and be granted access when authorised. Need help? Ask about out CCTV Installation service. 


It also means that any criminal activity footage can be captured on your CCTV system and used as evidence to help prosecute the perpetrators and to claim insurance against the crime.


Authorised personnel only access


If you have a large business that runs around the clock and employs a lot of people, then it can be tricky to distinguish between a genuine member of staff and an opportunist thief trying their luck.


Businesses that are in operation 24/7 will often have frequent shift changes where it can be quite busy and chaotic. This is why you need to have tight control of your most vulnerable access points.


Having your doors security access controlled will help you to protect the safety of your staff and your business assets from unwanted criminal activity, especially at night when you may have staff working alone.


Control access to out-buildings


There are many businesses that occupy lots of different buildings on one site. Quite often this is a healthy and safety requirement because the company may be involved in the use and handling of dangerous chemicals, high-pressure gas canisters or flammable materials that need to be carefully stored at a safe distance from their main building.


Controlling access to your business out-buildings will ensure that the only people that can enter these buildings are those who need to.


Door security installation isn’t just for business owners


The most obvious benefit of having security access on your doors from a business perspective is being able to quickly change the access method after a staff member leaves the company.


But having door security doesn’t just make sense for business owners alone. If you run a sports or community centre, an educational campus, leisure centre, or an apartment block with parking access, then you will no longer need to worry about having to change the locks every time someone loses their keys or have their keys stolen.


Lower insurance premiums


When you switch to having your doors secured by some form of controlled access, don’t forget to notify your business insurer. You will find that in most cases increasing your building security in this way will help to lower your insurance premiums – meaning that you can save money on your insurance policy renewals that will more than cover the costs of your door security installations.


If you would like to discuss your premises security upgrade options, do not hesitate to contact our friendly team. You can give us a call on 07765 865906.