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Emergency Lighting Installation

Emergency Lighting Installation: What is it?

An Emergency lighting installation acts as a fail-safe for when other types of lighting does not work. Main luminaries may not function due to a power cut or the mains supply being damaged. This can result in visibility being impaired due to reduced light. Consequently, people may be placed in a situation with increased risk.

The lumination provided by emergency lighting helps to ensure that in an emergency (such as a fire), people will still be able to find an exit. All quality pieces of emergency lighting should work to guide people from where they are, to where they can be safer.

Emergency Lighting Installation: What products are there?

At TF Installations, we use Ansell lights. Ansell provide LED lights that are suitable for a range of fittings and are always created and tested to comply with European Lighting Equipment Standards. Their range of designs have been keeping customers safe for over 25 years.

You are probably already well acquainted with a number of emergency lighting solutions, although you may not know what they are called.

Four main types of emergency lighting, include:

  • Escape Route Lighting: This is one of the most common types of emergency lighting installation. It helps to create safe and rapid evacuation by drawing attention to fire doors and exit routes. This allows people to find exits more easily.
  • Open Area Lighting: Sometimes called Anti-Panic Lighting, this lighting is used in open areas and large public buildings, such as shopping centres. The lighting is designed to prevent unnecessary panic and calmly lead groups of people out of a building. These luminaries need to be clearly visible by being big enough and having a sufficient amount of light to help them stand out. The solution helps people evacuate communal areas safely and find their way to an exit.
  • High Risk Task Area Lighting: High risk areas are particularly hazardous and require enhanced emergency lighting solutions. The fire safety measures have to be suited to the space and meet the needs of the people working in the environment. These more dangerous areas need reliable lighting that can support people should something go wrong.
  • Standby Lighting: Although not a legal requirement, this type of standalone lighting can help businesses function as normal when there is a power cut.

Emergency Lighting Installation: Where is it required?

Emergency lighting is especially important in large and more complex buildings. Numerous corridors and multiple rooms can make it difficult for someone to find their way out safely.

The specific type of emergency lighting you have installed will depend on things such as:

  • The type of property it is
  • The architecture of the building
  • The outside areas

Although most new buildings have emergency lighting installed, there are still some places that have insufficient lighting solutions. You may have some applications already installed, but even if this is the case, you should regularly check that they are working well and are in satisfactory condition. If you don’t already, contact a professional who can fully check that your emergency lighting is operating correctly and is still effective for your space.

To ensure that your property has the best emergency lighting, we recommend you using TF Installations. We thoroughly evaluate the fire safety needs of our customers. We do this by looking at the devices and installations they may already have, checking and repairing anything that is not right, and recommending any additional ways that their fire safety could be improved.

Emergency Lighting Installation: Why is it required?

Emergency lighting installation is required in many places. Building regulations and local authorities will have guidelines in place regarding health and safety, and this extends to fire safety. At TF Installations, we are also compliant with government regulations, such as BS 5266.

Furthermore, in a business, creating and maintaining a safe environment is part of an employer’s duty of care towards their employees. Being such a large responsibility, TF Installations can help ensure that you become (and stay) compliant with fire safety regulations.

Having emergency lighting solutions installed means that you can be sure that you are doing all you can to be fire safe. There are many things that contribute to creating a safe environment, and emergency lighting is an important one.

Emergency Lighting Installation: Who can help?

Now that you know how important emergency lighting installation is, you need to find a reliable company who can help you fit your ideal lighting.

To make sure that your emergency lighting installation functions correctly, use an approved installer. At TF Installations, we only use the best equipment and all of our installation experts are thoroughly trained and regard your safety as their priority. Our approved electricians and specialist engineers will make sure that they leave your premises with the emergency lighting you need. We offer our customers the best, as we want them (and others who use their building) to stay safe.

Although you may have never encountered an incident where emergency lighting may have been needed, having good installations in place will mean you won’t have to worry should an emergency arise. From single luminaries to fully bespoke fire-safety systems, our installations can offer you just what you need.

If you want to take a step to becoming safer, contact TF Installations today. You can call us on 07765 865906 or email us through our online form here.

We look forward to hearing from you.