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Door Security Installation To Increase Your Safety & Security

Have you just moved into a new premises and are thinking that you could do with door security installation?

Or have you had a recent break-in and are re-evaluating your workplace security?

TF Installations are specialists in door security installation and provide you with a system that gives you and your colleagues the peace of mind and security you are looking for.

Our Door Security Installation Services

We carry out a variety of electrical and security installations for our clients. These projects can range from a full electrical rewire and supplying or updating dimmer systems to supplying and installing CCTV systems and supplying and installing new door entry systems. (Ask about our CCTV Installation service).

We work in a range of sectors including nursing homes, hotels, and retail units and we understand the importance of having a secure premises to ensure that your colleagues, residents and guests feel safe whilst on the premises.

We have experience in door security installation and we can work with designs and specifications that you already have for your building, or we can assist in the process of designing your security door system so that it meets your electrical and security requirements.

Our team work hard to provide alternative ideas and solutions for any problems or obstacles that may arise and ensure that we complete the project in a timely manner and to meet your time restrictions.

TF Installations specialise in fire detection and security systems and provide a variety of services throughout a number of industries. If you would like to find out more about our door security installation services or about our fire alarm system design and installation options, contact us on: 07765 865906 or email us at: