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Are you considering having an LED lighting installation carried out?

Is your workplace equipped for safety during an incident?
If your business premises experiences a power cut and you need your employees to exit quickly, do you have a procedure in place to allow safe exit from the building?
If not, it may be time to start thinking about having an emergency LED lighting installation.

About TF Installations & your LED lighting Installation

Here at TF Installations, we have experience of installing LED lighting systems for a range of companies and currently maintain lighting systems throughout London. We have good relationships with Ansell and Aurora which helps us obtain high quality fittings for your premises.

How Our LED Light Installation Work

We will carry out the LED lighting installation on your premises after assessing the right positioning for the lights so that is has the most benefit in guiding your employees to safety.

We can also assess and maintain led lighting that you already have in place. When we arrive at your premises we will assess the positioning of your lights to ensure they are best placed for maximum effect in times when they are needed. We also test all the components such as the batteries, control equipment and switching to ensure they are all functioning as they should be.

After these assessments have taken place, we will issue you with an Emergency Lighting Certificate as proof that the maintenance tests have been conducted.

We can schedule both installation and maintenance around your business and to suit your needs, we can also arrange bi-annual or annual testing to ensure your emergency lighting is in great condition.

If you would like to find out more about the emergency LED lighting Installation services we offer or any of our other security or fire safety systems, contact TF Installations on: 07765 865906.


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