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Do you feel confident in your Emergency Lighting Installation?

With recent events in London last month is it time for a review of your security and emergency lighting installations to see what updates are needed to suit your building and type of business?

Security has been the height of conversation across the country. Alongside having top security within your building and its grounds it is also very important to make sure other aspects such as your emergency lighting installation is of high quality and well maintained.

Emergency lighting is required to operate automatically

Also to give illumination to a significant level to ensure safe and quick escape from the building. If your business had a mains power cut would your guest/clients/staff have a clear and efficient way to get out of your building?

T F Installations follow the clear guidelines set by BS5266-1:2016 to ensure all systems comply with your premises and you have the highest safety system in place

Every premises is different and has various requirements but there are three main aspects of emergency escape lighting:
1) Escape route lighting;
2) Open area / anti-panic area lighting;
3) High risk task area lighting.

In detail, as noted in the HM Government publication Fire safety risk assessment: offices and shops (p 100), an emergency escape lighting system should normally cover the following:
Each exit door
Escape routes
Intersection of corridors
Outside each final exit and on external escape routes
Emergency escape signs
Stairways so that each flight receives adequate light
Changes in floor level
Windowless rooms and toilet accommodation exceeding 8m²
Fire-fighting equipment
Fire alarm call points
Equipment that would need to be shut down in an emergency
Areas in premises greater than 60m²
It is not necessary to provide individual lights (luminaires) for each item above, but there should be a sufficient overall level of light to allow them to be visible and usable.
Our dedicated team will walk you through what is needed for your business.
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