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Commercial Fire Risk Assessments and Fire Alarm Installers

There are many aspects to consider for commercial level Fire Alarm Installations for your business. If this is your first business and the first time you have had to consider installing a fire alarm, it can be confusing to know where to start.

There are so many technicalities involved in making the right choice of fire alarm for your particular business, so it can make a lot of sense to bring in a professional team of commercial fire alarm installers to do the job for you.

It is essential that you start off by having your business premises thoroughly inspected with a fire risk assessment. This is a check that generates a report to follow to install the correct type of fire protection system and equipment for the safety of yourself and your employees.

It is also a legal requirement to have a working fire protection system in place. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order states that most premises should undertake a fire risk assessment.

Why is having a Fire Risk Assessment important?

Should your business be unfortunate enough to experience a fire emergency, it would not only cause damage to your property, business assets and livelihood, but it could endanger the lives of your staff and anyone visiting your business premises.

Depending on the size and type of business you run, it may not be enough to have a basic fire alarm and a couple of fire extinguishers on the premises. Your fire safety needs should be properly assessed through a professional fire risk assessment.

Legally, businesses with five or more employees must conduct a fire risk assessment and keep a written record. So even if you run a small business with minimal staff, you may be in breach of the law if you haven’t had a fire risk assessment.

TF Installations can provide you with a professional fire risk assessment for your business. As we are a specialist electrical installation company with many years of experience in planning, installing and maintaining commercial fire alarm systems for small, medium and large businesses across London and the South East, we are best placed to help you.

Are all commercial fire alarms the same?

If you are unfamiliar with fire alarm systems, it is essential to know that not all fire alarms are exactly the same. Commercial fire alarms are far more complex than domestic fire alarm systems because they need to operate in a very different environment.

Larger businesses will often need alarm cover over multiple floors. Then there are considerations such as if the company handles flammable materials, works with chemicals or machinery that generate heat or fumes, and more.

Some of the essential elements of Commercial Fire Alarm Installation include:

  • Control Unit or Control Panel: A control unit receives information from the sensors. When an alarm is triggered, it can automatically alert the fire services or key staff members out of working hours.
  • Power Backup: This provides a secondary source of power should mains power fail or be cut
  • Initiating Tool: A manual or automatic initiating tool will signal the sprinklers to turn on as soon as it receives early indications of a fire outbreak

Your business premises will also need to be fitted with the most appropriate detectors for the nature of your business. These can be a combination of:

  • Carbon monoxide detector
  • Flame detector
  • Heat detector
  • Smoke detector
  • Water flow detector

To complete your fire alarm protection system, you will need notification appliances. These are audible alarms such as sirens or pre-recorded messages to give instructions for a safe evacuation or visual emergency exit lighting.

Getting all this right can be very overwhelming for a new business owner. This is why it makes sense to put this work into the hands of seasoned professionals such as TF Installations Ltd.

Fire alarm installation and maintenance

While the marketplace may be flooded with commercial fire alarm brands, you must choose a high-quality make with an outstanding reputation. You will be pleased to know that TF Installations Ltd are experts in commercial fire alarm installations and can help you make the right choice for your individual business.

We are a Notifier distributor; this ensures we can provide you with the most up to date systems in the market and knowledge of the products.

We can  install, maintain and service the following types of commercial fire safety systems:

  • Analogue Addressable Systems
  • Aspirating Systems
  • Conventional Fire Detection Systems
  • Emergency Assistance Systems
  • EVACS (Emergency Voice Communication Systems)
  • Graphical Packages
  • Radio Fire Detection Systems
  • Voice Alarm Systems

We offer comprehensive fire alarm repairs, servicing and maintenance services. Even if you don’t need us to install a brand new fire alarm on your business premises, we can work with what system you already have installed and bring it up to scratch to meet current fire safety regulations.

We will never try to sell you a brand new fire alarm system if you genuinely don’t need one. The only time we would suggest replacing your currently installed fire alarm is if any of the essential spare parts or components are obsolete and cannot be replaced when broken.

Contact us today to learn more about our commercial fire alarm installations and fire risk assessment services.