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Commercial Electricians and Electrical Installations Specialists

When it comes to maintaining your commercial premises, it is important to work with tradesmen who are both qualified and experienced in commercial electrical installations.

There is a significant difference when working in a residential home and a commercial property, and although Health and Safety standards are in effect the same, the structure of a building, the type of cabling and the need for continuation of services (managing load demands) is very different.

Commercial buildings often run cabling through conduits or ceiling rafters (not all of course), whereas residential cables are usually hidden behind walls to give maximum protection for the home owner.

Commercial buildings will usually use a three phase electrical design, whereas a residential property will normally use a single phase or two phase design. Commercial buildings will require a high grade, resistant outlet for maximum performance.

Residential homes will look at lighting, heating, plugs, washing machines and ovens, whereas the equipment that needs installing and maintaining within a commercial building may be more large scale, and include servers, PLCs and air conditioning units.

So you can see, the needs for a commercial building requires a specialist commercial electricians and installer.

At TF Installations, we have been looking after the commercial electrical needs for many companies for many years, and our reputation for quality work and excellent customer service can be seen on our testimonials page.

The areas of commercial electrical work we cover include:

  • Full electrical re-wire
  • Full installation of all wiring required in new builds
  • Design all wiring requirements in new builds or refurbishments
  • Update current fuse boards
  • Supply and install new dimmer systems
  • Update old dimmer systems
  • Supply and install new CCTV systems
  • Supply and install new door entry systems
  • New intruder alarms
  • Fault finding

If you are looking for a commercial electrical engineer, then you have come to the right place. Please feel free to contact TF Installations to discuss your specific requirements.