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Commercial Door Security Installation

TF Installations is a well-known, well-respected commercial electrical installations company operating throughout London and the South East. We are well-known for our high-quality fire safety systems, emergency lighting systems, CCTV and electrical installations, but did you know that we also offer commercial door security installation?

Our team of highly trained electrical engineers can source, supply and install door security systems to suit your business needs. The equipment we provide includes leading brand names and are tailored towards raising the level of security for your property, no matter what type of building you have.
We take pride in all of the services we offer and have many years of experience in installing top of the range safety equipment to businesses all across London and surrounding areas. Our high level of attention to detail has enabled us to rise above the competition and stand out from the crowd.

Comercial Door security installation systems

The first step towards securing your door entry system is to have your property surveyed by one of our security engineers. We will inspect your property and make a plan of your internal and external entrances and exits and discuss with you whether you only want external door security to control who gains entry to your building, or if you also need door security for internal sections of your building.
We have worked with many companies that need to keep laboratories or R&D spaces safe with strict access control for both health & safety reasons and to protect company intellectual property and sensitive research data.

No matter what level of door security you need, TF Installations will have the perfect solution to meet your needs. We can plan, design and install high-quality, cost-effective door security and work closely with you to make sure we deliver exactly what you want.

Our custom-made options are flexible and can be adapted to suit the type of property you own or operate from. We are aware how important it is to preserve the integrity of historical or listed buildings, so we can create a security system for you that will not impact on the integrity of your building or its original features.

A visual and practical deterrent

Our team offer our commercial clients the very best custom-made door security to suit your property. No matter what your budget, we will be able to come up with a suitable solution for you. Whether you only want to keep your business premises safe from external intruders, or you need a combination of both external and internal door security, we can deliver for you.

Sometimes the exterior of your business premises can look like a tempting opportunity for a burglar or an opportunist thief. This is often the case when either a front door or side door doesn’t offer enough visible security.

A plain-looking door with a single lock and a wooden frame can make your property look easy to break into and sometimes even a visible alarm box sitting on the exterior of the building isn’t enough of a deterrent for a quick smash and grab type of criminal operator that thinks they can be in and out with your goods before the police arrive.

If you want a highly visible deterrent then it makes sense to install strong doors and frames as well as a door security system that will scare potential burglars away without them even attempting a break-in. Door security with cameras attached is a very effective deterrent.

When you pair proper security doors that look tough to break with a highly effective door security system, you will be offering your business premises the very highest level of protection against burglars, opportunist thieves and vandals.

Controlled entry systems

TF Installations use the highest quality and most technologically advanced door security products in all of our installation projects. We only use market-leading brands and provide our clients with exemplary service and also great customer aftercare with ongoing support for the care and maintenance of your door security equipment.

Controlling who can access your building is crucial, especially when you don’t want unauthorised people entering your premises with malicious intent. Secure door entry systems offer you enhanced protection and can shield your company from several negative circumstances.

No matter whether you have confidential research and development plans that you don’t want getting into competitors hands, or you want to protect your sensitive company data from criminals that want to commit business fraud or ID theft, we can help devise a door security system to suit your needs.
We also work with companies or educational establishments that need to have their laboratories secured with door security systems to help protect staff or students from exposure to hazardous chemicals.
No matter whether you need door security for health and safety reasons, or to keep unwanted intruders out, our door security installation services can help!

Classes of usage

There are all sorts of different working environments that need security doors, many of which may be used by multiple users.

By working with TF Installations you can define which of your doorways will need light-duty protection, medium-duty protection, or heavy-duty protection, depending on your needs and type of operation.
There can be a great difference in the level of door security you need on an office door used by multiple staff to a door on an R&D lab or the door of a hazardous chemical storage area.

No matter what your door security needs, we will have a flexible, tailor-made solution for you. Do not hesitate to contact our friendly team for more assistance.


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