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Professional Commercial Door Security Installation Services

The security of your business premises is a critical concern for your peace of mind. Turning up to work to find your business premises has been broken into can make your stomach lurch and your heart sink at the thought of what loss of goods or essential tools and equipment you may face.

But it’s not only what the criminals have stolen from you, but it is also the thought of the costs of repairing the damage done to your premises, making a claim on your insurance and how much your insurance premium will rise next year as a consequence.

What a lot of business owners fail to understand is that a lot of this damage and loss can be prevented by being proactive about updating your building security, starting with having professional door security installation to deter criminals completely, or slow their progress should they be particularly persistent.

Evaluating your landscape

One of the first things you should do to improve the security of your business premises is to assess your external property for potential security issues.

  • Do you have landscaping and tall trees that can make access easier for a burglar?
  • Are there any hiding places that are out of sight or poorly lit?
  • Does your building have multiple access points?
  • Do you have adequate security lighting that comes on at night?
  • Can you mount security cameras on external walls?

Reviewing your building security

After evaluating your external environment, you then need to turn to assess your building security. There is no doubt that the best form of security protection for your premises is to keep burglars out through having the right type of commercial doors and locks.

Security locks that have been specifically designed for use with commercial businesses are very different from locks that are designed for use at home. It may seem obvious, but business owners need to have a higher level of security with stronger locks and door opening systems that are made for businesses and don’t cut any corners with their manufacture.

Door security installation choices

Securing the door to business premises is far more complicated than it is for a residential property. Your building will need guaranteed security for every entry point and this will vary greatly depending on the type of building you operate out of.

For example, if you have a stand-alone commercial building such as a warehouse on an industrial estate, you will be at more risk of break-ins than a suite of offices held on the tenth floor of an office block.

You also need to consider not only changing your standard locks for better quality ones but also replacing them regularly. This is to eliminate ex-employees or previous tenants from gaining entry with spare door keys.

Deterring potential burglars

The effort you put into your security system speaks volumes to any opportunistic criminals that may want to try their luck with your premises. Many burglars can be scared away by the sight of a door with strong security features, such as deadbolts and electronic locks.

Burglars tend to want to get in and out as quickly and as effortlessly as possible. If you put plenty of visible obstacles in their way, most likely any opportunist thief will bypass your building and move on to somewhere that is easier to break into.

You can simply deter an attack on your premises by having good security lighting, CCTV cameras, and electronic locks with keypad entry that are hooked up to your alarm system and constantly monitored.

Most electronic locks made for business are available in mortise and cylindrical styles and are mostly used in areas where a business needs door entry codes and a high level of security compliance.

The benefits of keyless entry doors

The type of electronic locks used on keyless entry doors offers great peace of mind for the building owner, especially in places that need a high level of security due to the nature of products or materials they handle.

With this type of lock, you can decide who gets access to areas of your building, meaning you can keep tight control over the safe storage of flammable materials or chemicals that pose a risk to the health of your workers.

Electronic door access points like this can come in a variety of mechanisms, such as key cards, biometrics, entry codes and FOBs to grant entry.

For extra peace of mind, you can set up CCTV to cover all your door and window entry points and sync them with your security lighting system to record when a motion sensor is triggered, capturing prowlers casing your premises or burglars attempting a break-in. Need help? Ask about our CCTV Installation service.

It may be locked but it doesn’t mean it’s secure

Locking your door is good, but it doesn’t mean your building is safe! Why not book TF Installations for a security risk assessment of your building. We can check your entry points, highlight risks and suggest ways to mitigate them using our door security installation services.

We can help assess your security needs and provide a cost-effective solution to securing your building with the right level of security to suit your needs. We can also provide:

  • CCTV installation and supply of systems
  • Supply and install new door entry systems
  • New intruder alarms
  • Electrical system fault finding

Do not hesitate to contact our friendly team today to discuss your door security installation needs.