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CCTV Installation from TF Installations

What is CCTV installation? 

CCTV installation is the process of fitting a closed-circuit television system in place. It is called closed-circuit as it functions differently to broadcast television, that openly transmits a signal.

It is by no means a new system, and was actually invented by Walter Bruch during World War 2. However, a few years later, CCTV became a commercial product, too. Over time, CCTV technology has continued to develop, giving us the particularly high tech options of today.

A CCTV installation works by having a specially placed camera (or cameras) record footage. The recorded footage is then transmitted to a monitor (or multiple monitors) where it is stored. The recordings can only be viewed by those with authorised access, and the retention period of the visual images depend on the owner of the CCTV system and the type of set-up they have. 

Why is CCTV installation important?

The video surveillance provided by CCTV can help keep places safer through continuous monitoring. When CCTV systems are seen, they can act as a deterrent from burglaries, theft, and damage to property. It can also be useful in work environments to deter from harassment and security breaches.

This extra security can also be helpful in implementing law enforcement, as it allows the police to identify criminals. In this way, the footage can provide crucial evidence when making claims, and put a stop to those guilty of assault or anti-social activities.

Where is CCTV installation needed?

You would be mistaken in thinking that CCTV installations are only needed in commercial areas or for big businesses. Any type of business can benefit from having CCTV, and they can also be used in residential areas. Furthermore, in a home environment, CCTV can not only prevent intrusion into your property, but can also lower your insurance premiums. 

CCTV installation is now more affordable, and therefore more accessible, to more people than ever. So if you think that you won’t be able to afford the cost of a CCTV system, think again. We know that there are some great options out on the market, so if you need CCTV installation, we are able to assist.

Is CCTV installation legal?

If you do not own the property where you want CCTV added, you will need to check with your landlord to see if they will allow it. However, you can easily have CCTV fitted on a home that you own. Nevertheless, you should note that you will need to let your neighbours know. Even in a business environment, management have a legal obligation to let people know if they are being recorded. CCTV at work will also require relevant signage

Our CCTV installation

TF Installations are happy to assess your security needs and provide CCTV installation. 

Being the experts we are, we can professionally install both wired and wireless CCTV. Wired CCTV systems use a number of physical cables, which is why you should always use a specialist company like ours.

On the other hand, wireless systems use an internet connection to transmit video footage to either a monitor, laptop, tablet, or phone. This is particularly convenient if you want to access your CCTV when you are out and about. However for this CCTV installation to function correctly, the lens, camera, recorder, and monitor, all have to be properly installed. This is most easily done when you use an experienced company like TF Installations. 

Whatever your price range when it comes to CCTV installation, we can help you find a good solution. For example, although digital cameras do have their advantages, they do tend to be more expensive. Nevertheless, choosing some more high tech options can be more effective in the long-run. This is why we are open to discussing the advantages of different CCTV options with you.

Additionally, we can:

  • Help you decide on the best place to position your CCTV installation 
  • Explain the differences between digital and analogue CCTV
  • Advise you about specific types of cameras you are considering
  • Tell you about other security measures that could be beneficial

What else can we provide?

As well as CCTV installation, our company provides a range of other services, too.

This includes:

  • Full electrical rewire
  • Full installation of all wiring required in new builds
  • Design all wiring requirements in new builds or refurbishments
  • Update current fuse boards
  • Supply and install new dimmer systems
  • Update old dimmer systems

So even if you are not currently in need of our services for CCTV installation, we have other ways we can support you when it comes to your electrical systems.

Get CCTV Installation today

With TF Installations, your CCTV installation can happen quickly and easily. This means that you can be safer sooner. We are also able to help you consider whether a single camera will sufficiently suit your needs, or if you could have increased benefit by having multiple cameras. We do this so that you can come to the best decision regarding which type of system you would like to purchase, and get the best CCTV installation for you. 

For quality CCTV installation, get in touch with TF Installations. You can call us on 07765 865906 or email us here. In addition to browsing our site, if you’d like to learn more about our company, you can also request a brochure.

We hope to provide you with the CCTV installation that you are after