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How CCTV Installation Can Reduce The Risk Of Shoplifting

One of the biggest problems when you run a product based business is that you can’t be everywhere at once and neither can your staff.  Shoplifting has become a complex crime with small gangs distracting attendants while others steal items and many other tactics.  But there is a way to have eyes everywhere and reduce the risk of shoplifting – CCTV installation.

The statistics

According to the latest crime statistics from the government, the overall problem of theft in the wholesale and retail category has been in decline in recent years.  From over 19,700 incidents in 2012 to less than 13,500 in 2016, this encouraging trend shows how the industry is dealing with the problem.

However, while the number of cases has decreased, the cost to businesses has increased.  The average cost of shoplifting per victim has risen from £237 in 2012 to £500 in 2016.  And 40% of businesses report shoplifting to the police, a figure that hasn’t changed in the last four years.

Dealing with the problem

While staff vigilance and the use of tagging technology are important ways to make your business less appealing to shoplifters, one of the ultimate deterrents is the use of CCTV systems.  And if you do find that you have been a victim, the footage capture can help police and at least increase the chance that thieves are prosecuted.

Installing CCTV systems is something that should be done by commercial electricians.  The type of system required depends on the premises and the nature of the business.  A good CCTV installation company will create a bespoke system that suits your business’ needs and offers the best coverage.  Prominent cameras and signs advising that these cameras are in operation can also help act as deterrents.

While shoplifting is in decline, shoplifters are also becoming craftier and therefore businesses need to do the same to protect their merchandise and profits.

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