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TF Installations For All Your Business Electrical and Fire Safety Needs

We specialise in LED lighting installations for businesses. This type of lighting can be highly beneficial if you are looking for ways to reduce your energy consumption while providing excellent quality lighting for your workers.

LED lighting works exceptionally well in open workspaces such as warehouses and factories where traditional light bulbs may struggle to illuminate such wide-open spaces and tall headroom. LED outdoor lighting is also a safe solution for illuminating staff and customer car parks as well as steps or uneven exterior surfaces that may cause a tripping hazard after dark.

One of the most attractive benefits of installing LED lighting for a business owner is the money saved on their energy bills. This type of lighting is not only very energy-efficient but will also help to reduce your carbon footprint. This is especially important when business owners are under pressure from the Government to reduce the impact they have on the environment.

LED lighting installations

Our friendly electrical installations team work with businesses across London and the South East, updating their lighting with our LED lighting installations.

We can fit any size of installations from a small business with multiple rooms to large operations working in open-plan spaces, warehouses, distribution hubs and production facilities.

Our team of experienced electrical engineers are fully qualified to the current 17th edition regulations. They hold many years of knowledge and experience working with many different lighting systems within a commercial or industrial setting.

As well as LED lighting installations, we also undertake a range of business electrical services, including:

  • CCTV Installation and supply of systems
  • Design all wiring requirements in new builds or refurbishments
  • Fault finding
  • Full electrical re-wire
  • Complete installation of all wiring required in new builds
  • New intruder alarms
  • Supply and install new dimmer systems
  • Supply and install new door entry systems
  • Update current fuse boards
  • Update old dimmer systems

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to arrange for one of our team to conduct a site survey for you. We will be able to recommend the best LED lighting system to suit your individual business needs.

Fire alarm system design

The UK government recommends that all fire alarm and detection systems be installed and maintained according to the relevant British Standard, BS 5839. However, there still remains a lot of confusion around the requirements for fire protection for many London-based businesses or understanding of UK fire regulations.

All business premises must have ‘an appropriate fire detection system’. However, this does not mean that every business premises needs to have a fire alarm system installed. For example, a microbusiness with one or two staff members operating from a small, single-storey shop or small open-plan office space may not need a fire alarm system.

However, larger businesses operating with a lot of staff members across many floors of a building undoubtedly will need a comprehensive fire alarm system installed to be compliant with current fire safety regulations.

If you are a business moving into new premises, you may be inheriting an old fire alarm system that may not be fit for purpose. If you are in any doubt about your fire protection system, you can call us in for a Fire Risk Assessment.

We will be able to assess your existing fire alarm system and make recommendations for upgrades and modifications to bring it in line with current regulations. If the system is obsolete and needs replacing, we can draw up a fire alarm plan for you.

You will also have a choice between installing a conventional fire alarm system, an addressable system, or a wireless system. We can talk you through all these options and explain which one would most benefit your needs.

Emergency lighting maintenance

One of the electrical services we offer for businesses across London and the South East is emergency lighting maintenance, design and installation.

Your business emergency lighting is essential during a fire emergency or power cut to help your staff safely exit the building. Whenever there is a major fire outbreak, the mains power will often fail, or it will be cut by the emergency services to enable them to enter the building safely without the risk of electrocution.

Plunging your building occupants into sudden darkness can incite panic, which can be life-threatening in a fire emergency. Your emergency lighting should be checked, tested and have any necessary maintenance work carried out on a regular basis to ensure that it will work when you need it.

If you haven’t checked your emergency lighting in a while, or you are just moving into a new business premises and need to have your emergency lighting inspected and tested, then contact us at TF Installations to arrange a visit.

We follow the clear guidelines set by BS5266-1:2016 to ensure all systems comply with your premises and your emergency lighting can be relied upon in the event of an emergency. We can arrange for a regular inspection and maintenance that is convenient for you.