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7 Tips to Better Secure Your Retail Business

As a retail business, the aim is to have an open door and encourage customers to come in. But that also means you need to put security measures, such as door security installation, in place, that protects the business without making it seem unwelcoming.  Here are some tips to better secure your retail business while still making it welcome for those customers.


Window and door security installation

Top of the list of things to assess is your door and window security.  Locks are the most important part of this because they are the things that secure windows and doors to the building.  Getting the right Door Security Installation means that you have easy to use, high-quality locks that can be engaged when the business is closed and will protect it from most attempts at entry.


Roller shutters

If you feel you need further protection, especially on glass windows or doors with lots of glazing, then roller shutters are worth considering.  These can easily be installed and operated manually or electronically so that the last person leaving the building can engage them.  These come in various grades depending on just how secure you feel the premises needs to be.



CCTV is a popular option for many types of businesses.  Even during the day, they can help with security by deterring shoplifting or providing footage to prosecute those who do steal from the store.  CCTV systems also come in a wide variety of styles that mean you can get one that suits your business and your budget.  From a single camera covering the main entrance to a complete system throughout the whole property, it is easy to get just what you need. Ask about our CCTV Installation service.


Burglar alarm

For most businesses, the top level of security will be a burglar alarm of some form.  You can get alarms that are indoors, outdoors or both as well as those that are discreet or form part of a visual deterrent.  Aim to get a system that covers all of the business areas including stock rooms and employee areas so there is no potential weakness to be exploited.


Security guards

For larger retail businesses, there is always the consideration of employing security guards to be a physical presence around the building. This is a huge deterrent for anyone thinking about trying to break into the building or even vandalising it. Guards can also watch for other problems and act as an early warning system.


Stock security

Securing the building is one thing but securing your stock is something to consider as well.  Security tags are a popular option paired with scanners at the door to catch anyone trying to leave with one. CCTV, as mentioned, is a great deterrent for shoplifters who realise there is a greater chance of being caught on camera.  And even steps such as rearranging the layout of the store to make it harder for people to steal things can work.


Insure the property and stock

Insurance is a pain we all feel but is very important for a business. You want to make sure you are 100% insured against everything from fire to break-ins and all the other things that could stop the business functioning. Make sure to see if there are any terms or conditions that apply to policies around security measures or other protection required to ensure the policy is valid.


Getting the right balance

There are lots of factors that come into deciding what security you need for your business.  All businesses need window and door security but not all businesses will need a security guard.

Finding the happy balance for your business means you have that peace of mind but aren’t spending a fortune on measures beyond what your location requires.

Get in touch with us to learn more about the security measures we can offer such as door security installation.